Your possessions and associates show you're someone to be respected.


Along with Bizarre and Respectable, these quality is obtained by objects, pets, consorts, etc.

How to get more Dreaded:


Purchasable at the Bazaar:

suitgreysmall.png Ratskin Suit +1 Dreaded

From Trailing the Affluent photographer:
suitshadowysmall.png Anarchist's Sable +1 Dreaded


Purchasable at the Bazaar:

tigersmall.png Bengal Tigress +1 Dreaded
goatsmall.png Overgoat +1 Dreaded, +1 Bizarre

Gived by a rare opportunity card:
dog2small.png Haunted-looking Dog +1 Dreaded

As a fate-locked continuation to the Engaged in Theological Husbandry storylet (you will also need to Embark on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery):
owl2small.png Bifurcated Owl +1 Dreaded, +1 Bizarre

Obtained in A Clandestine Rendezvous At Watchmaker's Hill:
kittensmall.png Grubby Kitten +1 Dreaded
molesmall.png Subtle Mole +1 Dreaded
wolfiesmall.png Disappointing Marsh-Wolf +1 Dreaded
houndsmall.png Maverick Bloodhound +1 Dreaded


pirategreensmall.png Gang of Hoodlums +2 Dreaded


As a fate-locked continuation to the Engaged in Theological Husbandry storylet:

horseblacksmall.png Obdurate Stallion +2 Dreaded

As a fate-locked continuation to the Velocipede Squad storylet:
chariotratsmall.png Ratwork Velocipede +2 Dreaded, +2 Respectable


none known

Constant Companion

none known


Obtained with the Making friends among the Young Stags storylet:

bloomerssmall.png The Young Stags' Club +2 Dreaded, +2 Bizarre

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