Doubt Street

access to Doubt Street is from Spite:


Head to Doubt Street

Doubt Street lurks around the back alleys of Spite like a whispering vizier…The way is curiously difficult to remember.
unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 1

'Hand 'em over, guv…'

Of Spite's numberless urchins, only a relatively respected few know the way to Doubt Street. They require payment in handkerchiefs. What the grubby creatures to with their payment is best not talked about.
Unlocked with 200 x Silk Scrap

Press baron's privilege

You stand high in the dubious aristocracy of journalism. No mere labyrinth will bar your way to Doubt Street.
unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 7

Storylets in Doubt Street:


Leaving Doubt Street

Enough of the thrumming presses. Enough of black-stained fingers and a sidelong glance at the truth. Time to go.

Back to Spite

Back to the crowded markets and filthy alleys of Spite, where the villainy is a little more honest.


Doubt Street!

Welcome to the inky heart of London's newspaper business. A name spoken with bile and affection across the city.

Arranging for premises

Doubt Street, as an actual place rather than a metaphor for the news industry, isn't impressive. Grey streets, gargoyles eroded to lumps, the occasional scurrying reporter. Of course, that doesn't mean that obtaining office space here will be inexpensive.
[The materials you need can be obtained in the Bazaar Sidestreets.]
Unlocked with 1 x Favours in High Places, 1 x Comprehensive Bribe, 1 x Personal Recommendation


Recruit your friends

Nobody, not even you, could run a newspaper single-handed. You must obtain the services of hard-nosed newshounds and other sundry characters. Perhaps you have acquaintances who might pitch in.

Arts desk: the Revolutionary Firebrand

For a radical, this fine fellow certainly knows the inside of a theatre. He's something of a Greyfields socialist, perhaps.
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 2, Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand 1

Letters page: the Corresponding Ocelot

One could not imagine a better job for the ocelot, nor a better ocelot for the job.
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 3, 1 x Corresponding Ocelot

Photographer: Lyme

If anyone can carry a sixty-pound camera up five flights of stairs without expiring or even perspiring, it's Lyme. Let's hope he can operate the d—- thing, too.
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 4, Educating Lyme 1

Palace Insider: the Wry Functionary

Few people know more than your old friend about the comings and goings at the Palace. The problem will be getting him to explain matters in fewer than ten thousand words.
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 5, Acquaintance: Wry Functionary 3

Society Gossip: the devils

Who better to report on the sins of the upper classes than the Affectionate Devil and the Quiet Deviless? They can take it in turns.
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 6, an Intimate of Devils 5


Hire professionals

If you don't have any friends willing to help with your newspaper, you'll just have to pay people.

The Arts Desk

The Sodden Critic is available. Mr Huffam let him go after he beat a theatre director bloody with his own walking cane. It would be wise to lay in a few drinks, just to keep him biddable.
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 2, Cellar of Wine 1

The Letters Page

You know a few struggling writers that will happily edit your letters page. They'll provide you with the letters too, if you're that way inclined. You'll need to buy them a typewriter at the Bazaar.
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 3, 1 x Ornate Typewriter


The Prudent Photographer is happy to advance his art in your employ. He's less happy to carry his heavy camera about. You'll have to provide bearers.
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 4, 1 x Strong-Backed Labour

Palace Insider

Butlers, maids, grooms, cooks… all their secrets can be yours for a price. You'll need a petty cash drawer. Actually, more of a petty cash wardrobe. Paying your way to a front page article isn't honourable, but it's not strictly dishonest, either.
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 5, 1 x Comprehensive Bribe

Society Gossip

Devils. Nobody knows more than devils.
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 6, 1 x Portfolio of Souls


Ready to Roll

Your vacancies are filled. The office swells with cigar smoke and expectation. .

First meeting

Your staff sit hungrily at their desks, waiting on your word. Time to set them at their work.
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 7


Naming your Newspaper

Your newspaper needs a name and an identity. Will you be a daily? A Sunday heavyweight? A scandal sheet? A relentless organ of truth?

Name your newspaper

Choose a name carefully. You are limited only by reason and good taste, but renaming your paper will be a costly exercise if you should change your mind.


Rename your Newspaper

The public is easily confused, so you don't want to rename your newspaper too often. Still, it might clear the air a little.

A blast of publicity

Doing this will allow you to rename your newspaper. It will also help with any scandal you may be enduring.


Requires 10 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.


Why did you Create the Newspaper?

Hard-faced printers manhandle giant reels of newsprint towards the press room. You close your office door against the noise. What brought you to this place?

To serve the truth

A lie is a hole in the world. London deserves a newspaper that will not lie to her.

To make money

They say the best way to make a small fortune in newspapers is to start with a large one. They are reckoning without you.

For an excuse to poke your nose in

You're going to be rummaging around in the secrets of the mighty anyway. You might as well have an excuse and a method of publication to hand.

So you have something decent to read of a morning

None of the current crop live up to your standards. Your morning ritual demands a newspaper of quality, even if you have to write it yourself.

To control the message

Perhaps you seek influence among the mighty. Perhaps you have certain foibles that would be best thrown down a well and forgotten. A newspaper is a fine tool.


Attend to the presses

Printing on this scale is an erratic technology, reliant on steam and grease and curses. The presses you inherited with the building are in a sorry state and require daily attention.

Get those blasted things running

The presses are housed in the basement. Five steaming, clanking iron monsters that you suspect were assembled by James Watt after a three day absinthe bender. They require a steady supply of spare parts to keep them running.
[Whirring Contraptions can be found in the Bazaar Sidestreets or in Wilmot's End.]
Unlocked with An Editor of Newspapers 10


The Editor's Privilege

Every morning at nine sharp, you hold an editorial meeting. Your staff - those who have managed to drag themselves from the nearest watering hole, gutter or brothel - pitch ideas for tonight's edition.

Passion in the wings

The fellows on the Arts Desk have some eye-watering tittle-tattle on London's most fashionable actress. She did what? To whom? During the interval? With a teapot?

The voice of the streets

Someone has been writing grubby, anonymous letters from the Flowerdene Rookery, describing the misery and squalor in heartbreaking detail. Something must be done!

The predator beneath

An urchin from the delivery gang swears blind that there's an alligator prowling the sewers near the Stolen River. He rolls up a filthy trouser leg to show you the bite marks.


Send out the Reporters

Past the oily gutters and out into the fog and smoke and bustle. But where are they heading to today?

Covering the Bishop and the candles

They say half a thousand candles burn constantly in the cathedral. And the Bishop doesn't buy nearly enough through official channels. Perhaps there's a scandal to expose.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 125)

Writing today's 'Jack' column

Who's become Jack this week? Is it anyone pretty? Are the murders particularly gruesome or incompetent? The public need to know.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 125)


Fresh Copy

Your reporters come and go. Mostly, they just smoke and chat, but a few leave thin sheaves of typewritten copy on your desk for inspection. This one's just come back from the Forgotten Quarter - what does she have?

A story about devils in the foreign quarter

Devils hunting respectable middle-class professionals? There's some outrage to be found here.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 126)

An in-depth report on the Fourth City

It's not front-page stuff, but you can spice it up for the layman. It doesn't have to be true, obviously.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 126)


The Editorial Voice

For perhaps an hour of the morning, your desk is as clear as the fresh zalt air. A good time to favour your readers with the Editor's wisdom.

A treatise on Tomb Colonist poetry

You can get away with this sort of thing when you're the editor. And of course, your own work is always splendid.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 127)

Interview the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem

The Manager generally declines interviews. But as you've been such a good customer in the past…
(Straightforward at Shadowy 127)


The Meeting Room

The little room for visitors is covered with photographs and pithy quotes from previous editions. Who waits for you there today?

A Disgruntled Naval Officer

'It pains me to speak out of school, but the public must be informed of what's happening out at zee…'
(Straightforward at Shadowy 128)

A Gossipy Lecturer

'Did you know that a prominent academic was forced to leave the University under some rather dubious circumstances…?'
(Straightforward at Shadowy 128)


Wading through the Slush Pile

Sometimes nobody wants to make news, and sometimes reporters don't want to look for it. Rain doesn't help. At times like these, you just have to sift through the pile of copy that would otherwise be rejected.

Something unlikely about the Home Secretary

The honourable gentleman isn't actually a moon-touched slavering monstrosity, is he?
(Straightforward at Shadowy 129)

Something worthy about a philanthropic endeavour

A hospital for the treatment of accidents among the poor. Set up by Concord Square's unofficial chaplain. Helping the downtrodden. Et cetera.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 129)


Photographs and Letters

There's nothing from your reporters in your tray. But there are some photographs and a letter.

Photographs of the Gardens

Your photographer has been snapping couples in Tyrant's Gardens. Some of them are holding hands. And in public! The depravity!
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130)

Letters from Downside

The letters are ragged and smell of lemons and aspic. You wonder how they made it here from the cthonic tunnels of Downside.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130)


The Centre Page spread

The time has come for you to consider a heavyweight article for the centre pages. You have two candidates.

The scantily-dressed rituals of the Southern Archipelago

A pleasing mix of serious scholarship and bawdy innuendo. Something to get the blood going of a cold morning.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 131)

An exposé on the dangers of Absinthe

A solid piece with a good public safety angle. The temperance lobby will also approve. You might even be able to get your research material straight from Mr Wines. (A straightforward challenge for your Shadowy quality.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 131)


Filling in before the Sports Pages

You need to fill a page or two before the shroom-hopping results come in. What's handy?

An alarming lack of leadership from Parliament

This sort of social commentary is new to nobody, but it's quick to write. A certain sort of reader likes to nod sagely over these finger-thumping editorials.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 132)

An interview with a colourful character

Send a reporter up to the Flit to talk to the Topsy King. He could do with the exercise, and the Topsy King will probably say something entertaining.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 132)


Deadline Approaching

The hour grows late. Journalists and subs cluster around the Editor's desk, swapping headlines. Delivery urchins wait outside in the mews. Only a few column inches left to fill.

Spirit photography

An old lady offers you proof that there are faeries at the bottom of her coal-scuttle! There is just time to prepare the lithographs, if you hurry.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 133)

The Captivating Princess and her honey den

Of course, you can't actually say that it's the Captivating Princess who owns that exclusive little honey den on Burly Street. But your readers do love to guess.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 133)


The Temptations of Power

Do you manage your newspaper entirely honestly? Or is there a whiff of opportunism as the deadline looms?

Honest, no matter what

Perhaps your heart is free of blemish and temptation. Perhaps you have enough news this time. Use your remaining hours to polish the copy.

Employ a little theatrical accountancy

Risky, perhaps, and detrimental to this edition's quality. But if it's money you're after, plenty flows through your offices.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 135)

Dishonest outrage

It's disgusting! You can't believe it's being allowed! People are outraged! Or at least they bloody well should be. You should commission an article giving voice to the outcry. And you know just the person…
(Straightforward at Shadowy 135)

The interception of scandal

Clouds of messenger-bats flit between the rooftops of your competitors, thicker than the fog. There must be something saucy going on, and you've no idea what. Best go upstairs with a net.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 135)

Do you have insufficient balderdash?

Oh, just make some up. How hard can it be?
(Straightforward at Shadowy 135)


Start the presses!

The plates are warming up and the printers look expectant. What do you have for them?

A rather poor edition

More use for wrapping fish suppers than for reading.

An edition of edification and pleasing truth

This edition has a weighty, serious tone to it. Your articles are incisive and forthright. Your editorials speak simple wisdom in a complex world.
unlocked with Meritorious Copy 60

A balanced edition

It's hardly going to win awards, but editions like this will keep your nose above water.This choice is locked for now. To unlock, you need 24 x Meritorious Copy, 24 x Salacious Copy, 24 x Outlandish Copy.

A gossipy and tantalising edition

One step from the bordello, and two steps from the courthouse.
unlocked 60 x Salacious Copy.

An edition brimming with entertaining nonsense

A fort, with high walls built of whimsy and gates of conspiracy.
unlocked with 60 x Outlandish Copy.

An edition brimming with truth and wisdom

You uncover falsehood and hypocrisy. You attack privilege and decry villainy. And if the path here was not always straight, your results speak for themselves nonetheless.
unlocked with 104 x Meritorious Copy.

The tawdry secrets of the famous laid bare!

You know those things that one always suspect the famous and well-heeled of? Well, you caught them doing those things, and you have photographs to prove it.
unlocked with 104 x Salacious Copy

The finest kind of madness

Oh, it's bizarre. Bizarre, outlandish and beyond reason. But it's self-consistent, appealing and just plausible enough that it's difficult to dismiss out of hand. Perfect.
unlocked with 104 x Outlandish Copy

A very special edition

You'll need to have established a reputation for truth in reporting. But this is the big story. This is the one they need to read.
unlocked with a Survivor of the Affair of the Box 51, Defender of Truth (at least 1 - Considered reliable)

Opportunity Cards

Not social actions. These do NOT cause Hours Before the Deadline to drop, unless you fail. Can be found anywhere.


The Food You Eat

Since the Fall, they say that a wise trencherman never looks too closely at his dinner. What rot. Investigate!
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 10

A matter of health

Unscrupulous grocers and bakers could be putting anything in their pies and pickle jars. Someone has to keep these scoundrels honest.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130)


The Cloaked Menace of Cake Street

It's the Va… no, the prowling cloaked stranger is merely an imbiber of Black Wings Absinthe.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 10

An interview?

The fellow is clearly drunk, and accusing an innocent hansom-driver of fraud, kidnapping and cag-maggery. An interview might be a lark, if you can keep up with the sable menace.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130)


The Illuminated Gentleman Takes the Stage

The Antimacassar Theatre is staging Much Ado About Nothing. The Illuminated Gentleman has been cast as Benedick.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 10

A story here to get the blood going

The Illuminated Gentleman! One of Mr Wines' most notable employees of the evening. What a scandal for a moderately respectable theatre! Well, it will be if you have anything to do with it.
Straightforward at Shadowy 130


Another Day, Another Dreary Salon

Oh, the room is comfortable and the scones are passable, but the conversation is dominated by two academics sparring endlessly about their critical frameworks.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 7

Is there something else going on here?

The ladies sitting near you are restless. They flap their fans sharply, and pick at the mushrooms on their hats. Hang on a moment….
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130?


An Interview with a 'Foreign Office Insider'

This fellow seems to know his way around the Foreign Office. He's made an appointment for an interview at 3.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 7

One of those

'…and they go up to the roof to worship a giant bird…' Ah well, something for the funny pages then.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130


A Cancelled Salon

The host has taken up residence at the Royal Bethlehem, and half the guests are dead or in exile. How annoying! You were hoping to interview a few of them. Still, there might be a health story hidden here.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 7

A city washed in tears

Doctors have no shortage of clients, and the hospitals for the poor are packed tight. Even the more outrageous practitioners like Dr Schlomo and Madame Petrovsky do brisk business. Just how dangerous is Fallen London?
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130)


Fog Like a Velvet Curtain

The fog coagulates in the streets. It's like walking through marsh-mud.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 4. But you can't play if Hours before the Deadline is higher than 6

Getting off the street

The fog is intolerable. You head into Caligula's Coffee House for a fortifying cup. At the next table, two gentlemen of advanced years are speaking of times past. But what are they saying?
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130)


Why, it's Mr Clathermont

The noted tattoist is in a fine humour today. He's heading into a chop house for luncheon.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 4. But you can't play if Hours before the Deadline is higher than 6

Buy him lunch and ask about tattoos

An article on the meaning of secret tattoos is long overdue, even if the whole business is plainly nonsense.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130)


Your Day on Court Duty

Your crime reporter is dead again, so you'll have to fill in while he recovers.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 4. But you can't play if Hours before the Deadline is higher than 6

Quite jolly for a Court

There's a good crowd around the Courts today. Better dressed than you'd expect, and money is discreetly changing hands. What's going on?
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130)


A Letter to the Editor

The envelope smells of lilies and sulfur.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 2

The fair thing would be to publish them

Your correspondent writes under a pseudonym. 'Enraptured by Sin' of Cake Street has received letters from romantically inclined devils. They are enclosed, and make for a spicy tale.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130)


Reports of your Circulation have been Greatly Exagerrated

That d—nable Mr Huffam and his Unexpurgated London Gazette! He's still outselling you.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 2

The best form of defence

A thoughtful and dignified approach is called for. Well, that or a viciously snide editorial.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130)


An Undignified Ruckus

A short-cut through a mossy cemetery. Voices raised in anger.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 2
One couldn't make this up
A devil, a tomb-colonist and a pamphlet-waving Theosophist are having a robust debate on the destination of a certain recently departed lady. Each of them represents a movement with some claim to the deceased's future.
(Straightforward at Shadowy 130)

Social Action Opportunity Cards

These do NOT cause Hours Before the Deadline to drop. Can be found anywhere. You seemingly cannot get the card for your own ambition.


Baying for Blood

It's about time your newspaper printed something visceral. The public love that sort of thing, bless 'em.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 2

Interview a friend with bloody hands

If you have any friends who are soaked in blood, you could arrange an interview. [Your friend will need to be pursuing the Nemesis ambition.]


A Gemstone to Shame Rajahs

You've been hearing rumours from Spite about a gemstone. A huge thing, the size of a heifer.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 2

Interview a friend who likes jewellery

If you have any friends who make it their business to know about gemstones, you could arrange an interview. [Your friend will need to be pursuing the Light Fingers ambition.]

Waiting in vein

You've sent an idle reporter into the fog to fetch your friend. How could they refuse you?


They Want to Hear of the Vake

Your readers want to hear about bone-crunching encounters with half-mythical monsters. In the streets of their own city!
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 2

Interview a friend who knows

If you have any friends who know something of the Vake, you could arrange an interview. [Your friend will need to be pursuing the Bag A Legend ambition.]

Drumming your fingers

The urchin is away with your invitation. Let's hope your friend is in a voluble mood.


Rumours of a Most Singular Game of Cards

Two of your better reporters have heard whispers about a marvellous game of cards. A game where one might win or lose absolutely anything.
Unlocked with Hours before the Deadline 2

Interview a card-playing friend

If you have any friends who play a lot of cards, you could arrange an interview. [Your friend will need to be pursuing the Heart's Desire ambition.]

Playing patience

You send out the word. Let's hope that this game is real.

How to Earn the Rewards of Journalism

Releasing any reasonable edition of the newspaper will earn you 140 x Journal of Infamy, for 70 Echoes. If you specialize in one type of copy (60 of a particular type), then you'll also earn a few points of quirk and 5CP of Making Waves. If you release a particularly-special edition (104 copy of one type), then you'll earn one of the printer's qualities (Defender of Truth, Cardinal of Conspiracy, or Prophet of the Gutter), 10 CP of Making Waves and four 250-pence items, bringing your income to 80 Echoes' worth of items.

Running the presses requires a Whirring Contraption, which will set you back 60 Echoes' worth of Luminosity items - or 120 Echoes if you actually have to buy them from the Bazaar and convert upwards. (Or 90 Echoes if you split the difference and purchase the makings of the Phosphorescent Scarabs and trade items to get the Memories of Light.) Making a small fortune in the newspaper business apparently requires starting with a large fortune.

As a summary of the above, if you are aiming at a particular type of copy, here are the storylets you should pursue at each step along the way. Note that you can only pick up 92 copy of a particular type if you simply use the storylets. Getting 104 copy requires succeeding at every relevant storylet, plus a few opportunity cards.

Meritous Copy Outlandish Copy Salacious Copy
12 Hours Remaining: The Editor's Privilege The voice of the streets (8) The predator beneath (8) Passion in the wings (8)
11 Hours Remaining: Send out the Reporters Covering the Bishop and the candles (12) - Writing today's 'Jack' column (12)
10 Hours Remaining: Fresh Copy A story about devils in the foreign quarter (12) An in-depth report on the Fourth City (12) -
9 Hours Remaining: The Editorial Voice - Interview the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem (12) A treatise on Tomb Colonist Poetry (12)
8 Hours Remaining: The Meeting Room A Disgruntled Naval Officer (12) - A Gossipy Lecturer (12)
7 Hours Remaining: Wading through the Slush Pile Something worthy about a philanthropic endeavor (12) Something unlikely about the Home Secretary (12) -
6 Hours Remaining: Photographs and Letters - Letters from Downside (12) Photographs of the Gardens (12)
5 Hours Remaining: The Centre Page spread An expose on the dangers of Absinthe (12) - The scantily-dressed rituals of the Southern Archipelago (12)
4 Hours Remaining: Filling in before the Sports Pages An alarming lack of leadership from Parliament (12) An interview with a colourful character (12) -
3 Hours Remaining: Deadline Approaching - Spirit photography (12) The Captivating Princess and her honey den (12)
2 Hours Remaining: The Temptations of Power Dishonest outrage (12) Do you have sufficient balderdash? (12) The interception of scandal (12)

And the non-social opportunity cards you should pursue. All of these cards give 6 of the relevant copy.

Meritous Copy Outlandish Copy Salacious Copy
10-12 Hours Remaining The Food You Eat The Cloaked Menace of Cake Street The Illuminated Gentleman Takes the Stage
7-9 Hours Remaining A Cancelled Salon An Interview with a 'Foreign Office Insider' Another Day, Another Dreary Salon
4-6 Hours Remaining Your Day on Court Duty Why, it's Mr Clathermont Fog Like a Velvet Curtain
2-3 Hours Remaining Reports of your Circulation have been Greatly Exaggerated An Undignified Ruckus A Letter to the Editor

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