Things to do at Wolfstack Docks...

When you are Dueling with the Black Ribbon

In search of glory and sport.


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A little talk with Feducci

You find Feducci in the back room of the Blind Helmsman. At close quarters, he seems more animated than the typical tomb-colonist. Almost vital. The dry, breathless voice he adopts in public has vanished.
ribbonblacksmall.png [Unlocked with Duelling with the Black Ribbon 1]

Joining the Black Ribbon

'So, you want into the Black Ribbon, do you? Or at least, you're interested. Good. We are a duelling society of those who have the courage to face a final death. I oversee the duels and as patron I offer a purse of rostygold. There is more, but I'll need you to join before I tell you.'


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