Things to do at Wolfstack Docks...

When your Dangerous is 57-70

The Docks become more interesting as your Dangerous abilities increase…



Spider Wrangling

The landlord of The Blind Helmsman needs fresh spiders for his pit fighting operation.

Killing sorrow-spiders is tough. Capturing them alive, though, that requires real skill.
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 58] [No longer available at Dangerous 73]

Search the jetties

The dank spaces beneath the jetties of Wolfstack are a breeding ground for rats, insects, zee-horses and other vermin. Spiders treat this area as their own personal smorgasbord.

_ Dangerous challenge

Search the coastal mills

The swampy reaches east of Wolfstack are dotted with cobwebbed windmills. They say the sorrow-spiders breed and hatch here.

_ Dangerous challenge



The dockers at Gibbet's Wharf have downed tools again. Barely a week passes in Wolfstack without some form of strike, and there is money to be made if you don't mind picking sides.
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 60] [No longer available at Dangerous 75]

Assist the neddy men

Neddy men are the freelance enforcers of the Masters. Mr Fires is in no mood to indulge the workforce. Stout men with staves are invited to assemble at Gibbet's Wharf.

_ Dangerous challenge

Hold the picket line

The villainous Masters and their top-hatted lackeys have held sway for too long. Power to the people! Spider-proof clothing for all! No more Clay Men stealing our jobs!

_ Dangerous challenge


Eyes and spiders

The number of one-eyed zailors around Wolfstack Docks is astonishing. Can you discover the truth behind the tall tales of what happens to the eyes the sorrow-spiders take?
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 62] [No longer available at Dangerous 77]

Wait for a scream and pursue

You could follow a spider that has recently removed an eye, and see where it goes.

_ Dangerous challenge

Find a great many spiders

They probably take the eyes to one place, right? So it makes sense to just go where the most spiders are. Well, it makes some sense.

_ Dangerous challenge


A ship in the night

She hails from some unnamed port along the Carnelian Coast. She runs no lights, and her nameplate has long since rusted away. The ship will be at the docks tonight, and away before dawn.
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 66 [no longer available at Dangerous 81]]

Strength and secrecy

The ship's arrival and cargo appear on no dock papers. The striking dockers and the neddy men don't need to know about it. But someone needs to unload the sealed crates. Muscle and speed, as well as discretion.

_ Dangerous challenge
shipsmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: The Docks 3]


A campaign of intimidation

Mr Fires is putting heavy pressure on the striking dockers. As a sometime neddy man, you are expected to do your part.
blackjacksmall.png [Unlocked with a Neddy Man 1]
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 66] [No longer available at Dangerous 77]

Break a few bones

A bracing tour of Wolfstack's drinking dens, with stick in hand…

_ Dangerous challenge
blackjacksmall.png [Unlocked with a Neddy Man 2]

Burn down a docker's house

Send a message to the strikers that Mr Fires and his neddies are not to be trifled with. Warning! Arson is a serious business. Failing here may lead to imprisonment

_ Dangerous challenge
blackjacksmall.png [Unlocked with a Neddy Man 3]


Intercept a shipment of Clay Men

Mr Fires is importing Clay labour to replace the striking dockers. You know a Grizzled Union Leader who will pay generously to ensure the cargo never arrives.
fistsmall.png [Unlocked with a Union Sympathiser 1]
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 62]

Scuttle the boat

Barges bearing Clay workers arrive at Gibbet's Wharf almost every night. The Grizzled Union Boss has provided you with a small improvised bomb…

_ Dangerous challenge
fistsmall.png [Unlocked with a Union Sympathiser 3]

Refuse the job

The dockers may have a worthy cause, but murdering Clay Men is a step too far.


The Battle of Wolfstack Docks

A mob of dockers marches on Gibbet's Wharf. A regiment of neddy men stands waiting for them. One way or another, the strike will end today. Which side are you fighting on?
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 65] [No longer available at Dangerous 80]
[NOTE: Completing this storylet will eliminate all storylets concerning the strike: Strike!, A campaign of intimidation, Intercept a shipment of Clay Men, and The Battle of Wolfstack Docks]

Fight for the neddies

'For commerce! For stability! For Mr Fires!'

_ Dangerous challenge
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 69]
blackjacksmall.png [Unlocked with a Neddy Man 5]

Betray the neddies

Working as a neddy man has opened your eyes to their cruelty. At a crucial moment in the battle, you plan to turn on your supposed allies…
blackjacksmall.png [Unlocked with a Neddy Man 5]

Fight for the dockers

'For jobs! For the Union! Death to the neddy men!'

_ Dangerous challenge
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 69]
fistsmall.png [Unlocked with a Union Sympathiser 5]

Betray the dockers

The striking workers have learned to trust your leadership. That was foolish of them…
fistsmall.png [Unlocked with a Union Sympathiser 5]


The Silken Chapel

There's a web-choked chapel not far from the docks - some non-conformist meeting-place long abandoned to the elements. There is a startling amount of silk in and around it. And a great many spiders.
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 66]

Mount an expedition

Silk-hunters gather around you. You strap on your goggles, lubricate your hatchets and make toasts outside the Blind Helmsman. To the chapel!

_ Dangerous challenge

Go alone

You can only carry off so much raw spider silk, but it's better than sharing it with those other silk-hunters.

_ Dangerous challenge


The spiders' crypt

There is a hole before the altar of the web-covered chapel. A dark, gaping maw that you have seen sorrow-spiders scuttle into, carrying their stolen eyes. Dare you follow?
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 68]

Laughing in the fangs of fear

It could be a bottomless chasm inhabited by spiders bigger than horses. What is that to a man of your courage?

_ Dangerous challenge

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