Things to do at Wolfstack Docks...

With no Dangerous requirement

These actions are always available in at Wolfstack Docks



A night at the Spider Pits

The landlord of The Blind Helmsman runs an illegal spider pit in his beer cellar. The place is packed with zailors, Clay Men and thrill-seeking aristocrats. The room smells of mud, beer, sweat… and money.

Bet on Millie, the Moloch Street Mangler

A gargantuan beast, half the height of a man and twice as hairy. She lumbers into the ring on seven bristling legs. The eighth is a mere stump, capped with a steel hook.
A matter of luck: pretty good odds.
   red_goldsmall.png [Unlocked with 30 x Rostygold]

Bet on Florence, the Stackside Spinner

The local champion, Florence, is a fleet-footed Wolfstack bruiser who ensnares her victims in ropes of sticky silk.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.
   red_goldsmall.png [Unlocked with 30 x Rostygold]

Bet on Daphne, The Graveside Creeper

Raised on the blood of tomb-colonists, Daphne is slow and ponderous and bandaged, but supposedly impossible to kill.
A matter of luck: the odds are strongly against you here.
   red_goldsmall.png [Unlocked with 30 x Rostygold]

Bet on Alonzo, Scourge of the Marshes

He doesn't look like much. If a beer-mug fell on him, that would probably be it for the night. But they say his venom can burn holes in lead.
A matter of luck: the odds are strongly against you here.
   red_goldsmall.png [Unlocked with 30 x Rostygold]

Bet on your own spider

It's time the little sod stopped chewing your curtains and earned its own keep. You get a cut of the night's take if you win, but there is a small chance of losing your pet forever.
A matter of luck: the odds are strongly against you here.
   spidersmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider]

Bet on your own spider…using a secret weapon

Your time delving into the mysteries of the sorrow-spider life-cycle has given you an idea. A special diet may be be expensive, not to mention revolting, but it'll help increase your pet's chances of winning.
A matter of luck: the odds are against you here.
   ratsstringsmall.png [Unlocked with 20 x Rat on a String]
   spiderflorencesmall.png [Unlocked with Arachnologist 2]
   spidersmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider]

A Ticket to Polythreme

This Tramp Steamer is older than the Fall, and bears the scars of the Unterzee's more exuberant dangers. But the captain says she'll take you to Polythreme, for a stiff price.

A ticket for one?

The price is stiff, and this is a one-way ticket. But the captain insists that she knows the way to far and exotic Polythreme. This is more expensive than using your own ship. You may be away for some time, but you'll be able to purchase a return ticket in Polythreme. You can get Map Scraps by using Glim in your inventory. You will lose your opportunity cards and any progress qualities.
   mapsmall.png [Unlocked with 150 x Map Scrap]

Call in favours in the Wolfstack Docks

Amidst the bustle and smoke of the Docks, clandestine meetings are held in the shadow of every hull…

A meeting with a representative of one of the merchant houses of the East

You've performed services for friends of friends. These services can now, at last, be suitably recognised. If you so wish.
   widowsmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: The Widow 15]

An elliptical conversation

A marvellous night. Of course they're all marvellous down here. It could become a little more marvellous, if you wish…. No, I'm not propositioning you! Although, I suppose -
   pawnsmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: The Great Game 15]

A round of well-intentioned backslapping

Ah, I've heard of you! Yes, I have! If you've a mind to forget a few debts, I can make it worth your while…
   shipsmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: The Docks 15]

Dice games on the quayside

Zailors are dicing for jade and glim. They look up as you approach, grinning hungrily. Evidently they've mistaken you for an easy mark.

Dice for glim

Be prepared to lose your stake…
A matter of luck: it could go either way.
   shardsmall.png [Unlocked with 20 x Glim]

Dice for jade…

If jade is really fossilised souls, then you're… best not think about it.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.
   jadesmall.png [Unlocked with 20 x Jade Fragment]

Dicing for secrets and coins

Secrets, coins, secrets about coins… persons of standing and dignity are not invited.
wineglasssmall.png [Unlocked when Closest To is: Bohemians, or The Great Game, or The Docks, or Urchins, or Criminals, or Hell, or Revolutionaries, or Tomb-Colonists, or Rubbery Men]
clocksmall.png [Unlocked with Counting the Days no more than 5]
bagsmall.png [Unlocked with Spending Secrets 4]



Waiting for your ship

The ship that should be taking you across the Unterzee to the far-flung colonies is late.

'Are you who I think you are?'

It would be unwise to be spotted here. They are mistaken. You are nobody of consequence
Requires: banished from the Court 1

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