A slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river

When you die, you come here…

What happens when you die in Fallen London?

Death is not always permanent in Fallen London. This gives rise to a peculiar overlap between the funeral parlour and the sanatorium.

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Who goes to the boat?

When your Wounds Quality reaches 8, you suddenly and abruptly die, moving to a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river. There are other unwise or unexpected choices that will send you here even if your Wounds has not reached 8. You may also deliberately choose to die and you will end up here.

What is the boat like?

Dark and gloomy. But peaceful.

What can you do here?

Play games with the ferryman to try to win your life back, or interact with your fellow passengers. Some will offer stories, some will offer a quicker route back to the brighter shore. An opportunity could arise to become a Courier for the Dead here, too. You can also lie back, close your eyes, and give up…if you're really sure you want to.

There is no access to the Bazaar from here.

How do I get out of here?

Storylets and opportunity cards will reduce your Wounds, but at the cost of action points and possibly items. When your Wounds Quality reaches 0, you will awaken in your Lodgings.

Storylets on A Slow Boat…


Offer the Boatman a sacrifice

Do you have anything warm, furry and disposable?

Surrender any Lucky Weasels you're carrying

I'm sure they'll come out of it fine. They're lucky little fellows, after all.
weaselsmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Lucky Weasel]

Surrender any Sulky Bats you're carrying to the Boatman

Well they shouldn't have complained so much, should they?
batsmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Sulky Bat]

Surrender any Dazed Raven Advisors you may be carrying

A bird full of secrets! That must be worth something!
ravensmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Dazed Raven Advisor]


Play chess with the Boatman

Well, apparently he plays chess in paintings and folk-songs. Which are always accurate, of course.
[Unlocked with Wounds no greater than 14 and The Boatman's Opponent no greater than 4 ]

He's done this before…

He's a veteran. But you might be something unexpected.
Careful! Losing may sink you deeper into death.

_ Watchful challenge

[Unlocked with Watchful no greater than 82]

A smile of recognition

At least you hope it's recognition. It could be anticipation. Either way, he sets up the board. Careful! Losing to the Boatman may make matters much worse.

_ Watchful challenge
owlsmall.png [Unlocked with The Boatman's Opponent between 5 and 9]

A nod of respect

He knows you, this one. Have you played against him before? Or does he follow your games in the living world? Careful! Losing to the Boatman may increase your Wounds to a perilous degree.

_ Watchful challenge
owlsmall.png [Unlocked with The Boatman's Opponent between 10 and (14?)]

A friendly greeting

'Wonderful work against Marfellow in the end-game,' he remarks creakily as he sets up the board. What? Is Death a fan of yours? Careful! Losing may take you further and further from the shores of day.

_ Watchful challenge
owlsmall.png [Unlocked with The Boatman's Opponent (15?) and The Boatman's Opponent no greater than (19?)]

A grin of sorts

'You again! Couldn't stay away, eh?'

_ Watchful challenge
owlsmall.png [Unlocked with The Boatman's Opponent (20?) and The Boatman's Opponent no greater than (24?)]

A silent inclination of the skull

This is more than a habit. It is a ritual.

_ Watchful challenge
owlsmall.png [Unlocked with The Boatman's Opponent (25?)]
A Modest challenge (62%) at the maximum of 182.

Dice with the Boatman

Bone dice. Of course they would be.

Rattling the dice in your cupped hands….

Roll well. he's grinning at you.
(A matter of luck: it could go either way.)

Opportunity Cards on A Slow Boat…

Most of these Opportunity Cards are red-bordered (indicated by Auto-Fire) which means they take effect when you select them.


'Take a message to the living world!'

The girl who sits near the prow of the boat is pleading for someone to deliver a message. She'll offer a little of her remaining breath to anyone who agrees. But all the others seem too apathetic.

Accept her commission

'Do this one thing for me, and you shall have the last thirteen breaths from my lungs.'


Recall the rough camaraderie of Watchmaker's Hill

[Unlocked with Dangerous 15]


Recall glad times at the Singing Mandrake

Wine, warmth, good company…
Unlocked with Persuasive 15


Recall the noise and life of Spite

[Unlocked with Shadowy 15]


Recall scenes from Ladybones Road

The yellow-eyed laughter of devils…
Unlocked with Watchful 15


Remember the Flit

On the roof-tops of Flit, you once saw a man bet he could jump all the way across Childcake Street without falling…
Unlocked with Route: The Flit


Remember the Forgotten Quarter

The Forgotten Quarter! -
Unlocked with Route: The Forgotten Quarter


Recall the glitter of the Shuttered Palace

[Unlocked with Route: The Shuttered Palace 1]


Remember the Regretful Soldier

One misty morning he took you out rat-shooting along the Stolen River…
Unlocked with Aquaintance: Regretful Soldier 1


Remember the Repentant Forger

You remember his uncertain frown…
Unlocked with Aquaintance: Repentant Forger 1


Recall a certain hunger…

You remember a certain voice you heard in your dreams…
Unlocked with Unaccountably Peckish 1


You remember the tomb-colonists, and shudder

Is that what's waiting for you if you recover?
Unlocked with Connected: The Tomb-Colonies 1


…or you could just give up.

It's peaceful down here, after all.

Lie back and close your eyes

Are you quite sure about this?


How much can you see of the far bank?

So that's the far country. What does death look like?

You can almost see details.

If you looked a little closer…but would that be wise?
Unlocked with Watchful 20


Pilfer a few breaths from another passenger [Standard]

That chap in the back seems to be in better shape than you…

Carefully now…

If you can lift a purse in the living world, surely you can steal a few breaths from a dead man down here?

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge  


Remember where you fell

Where was it you left your body, now? In the street? At home in bed? How is the old thing getting on?

A sobering thought

Urchins are probably going through your pockets at this very moment.

A sobering thought

You can almost see your corpse. Is that a spark of light you imagine in its imagined eye? [This will remove all your Wounds and allow you to return immediately.]
Unlocked with Wounds 3


Requires 11 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.


Trail your fingers in the water

There are five rivers around the place of the dead…



Stare at the shore of the living world

There: movement, crowds, life….



You loved someone once

They must have passed this way, on this boat….
Unlocked with Ambition: Nemesis 1


You've unfinished business in the world of the living

There's someone waiting for you up there….
Unlocked with Fascinating… 1


You've unfinished business in the world of the living

You knew it would be a battle to the death….
Unlocked with Running Battle… 1


Looking upwards

The river is endless. But, wait. Is that the reflection of someone you know? Someone living on the Surface?

Haunt someone on the Surface

Why not? It's one of the few perks that Death has to offer. And it will no doubt make you feel better.

When your Wounds fall to zero…

When your Wounds fall to zero, all storylets disappear and you are shown the following storylet.

A sudden light!

You sit bolt upright! Everything hurts. But you're alive. For now.

lodgingssmall.png You've moved to a new area: your Lodgings

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