Dangerous Cards B

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These Opportunity Cards will not appear unless your Dangerous quality reaches a certain level. They generally challenge the Dangerous quality but some have options which test other Qualities. The links below will jump to the section of the page describing Cards which unlock at that level of Dangerous Quality.

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Cards which unlock between 50 and 59


What's in the sack, Jack?

A drunken fellow in the the Blind Helmsman, a notorious Wolfstack tavern, claims to have stolen Mr Sacks' sack. He's taking on all comers in a fist fight to claim it.
Unlocked with Dangerous 57

Not a word of it

You don't believe for a moment that it belongs to Mr. Sacks. There might be something good in there, though.
(Dangerous challenge)


A riot in Spite!

A huge brawl has broken out in the markets of Spite. Has there been some sort of sporting event?

Unlocked with Dangerous 57

Wade in with fists flying

Does it matter why the riot started? It's good sport and hearty exercise.
(Dangerous challenge)

Make off with some loot

The stallkeepers are distracted. If you can avoid the current festivities, who knows what you might snaffle from their stores?
(Shadowy challenge)


A peculiar practice

The Regius Professor of Additive Surgery hints that he would value tomb-colonists to dissect. Still-moving would be best.
Unlocked with Dangerous 57

Find out what he's up to

Break into his lab and take a look at his notes.

Turn the tables

A word to the tomb-colonists and this foul practice will surely be ended, scientific interest be d—ned!

Go a-stalking

A trip to a well-known haunt of tomb-colonists should see you richly rewarded.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 77)


Moonish water

Who's that splashing in the alley? Urchins are frolicking in a puddle formed by glowing drops from the cavern roof. A luminescent scamp scoops some puddle water into a jar. 'All the Quality are drinking moonish water, care to try some?'
Unlocked with Dangerous 57 (but no more than 87)

Dash it from her hand

What could it contain? Chitin from uncanny insects? Elements from the aether…?

_ Persuasive challenge

Buy some and drink it

An invigorating pick-me-up, and cheap too!
red_goldsmall.png [Unlocked with 50 x Rostygold]
_ Dangerous challenge


From the gutter

A drunkard in a battered greatcoat lies in the gutter, nursing a bottle and shivering. He's failing to sing a song about wine and black roses. Each chorus names a different lover.
Unlocked with Dangerous 57

Pay for a room for him

You can't leave him here, he'll freeze. You know someone who'll take him in for a handful of rostygold.
unlocked with 50 x Rostygold

Find him a job

Drag him to the lumber yards, and he'll be sober, upright and gainfully employed. And with the finder's fee you'll have a pocket of coin.
(Dangerous challenge; High-risk at 69)


Ambushed by pirates!

You nod as you pass some zailors near Wolfstack Docks. Hang on a moment, why are they drawing weapons? Pirates!
[Unlocked with Dangerous 57]

Defend yourself!

Are they here to press you to piratical service? Paid by an enemy? Let's worry about that later, shall we?

_ Dangerous challenge


His Young Lordship seized by tentacles

A scream from Gibbet's Wharf!
Something toothy and tentacular has plucked a child in a zailor zuit from the pierside. His nanny stands aghast as the nameless brute waves her charge aloft like a raggedy-Anne. What to do? What to do?
[Unlocked with Dangerous 57 and Dangerous no more than 87]

Sell snacks to the crowd

Zailors, clay men and spider-wranglers drift over to watch the spectacle. The landlord of the Blind Helmsman is running a book. This could go on for a while.

_ Persuasive challenge

Hack him free

'Stand aside, gentlemen. Avert your eyes, children. Hold my hat, madam. I’m coming, young sir!'

_ Dangerous challenge

Cards which unlock between 60 and 69


The Ways of the Labyrinth of Tigers

An iron-fenced maze infested with tigers. A popular attraction, nonetheless.
Unlocked with Dangerous 60

Buy a ticket to the Labyrinth of Tigers

The ticket will allow entrance, once. The Labyrinth of Tigers is most interesting for those who have Dangerous 97+. You can acquire Appalling Secrets by using Mysteries items in your inventory.
appallingsecretsmall.png Unlocked with 10 x Appalling Secret

The poor thing

Strolling past the railings one afternoon, you see three hyaenas prowling around a tree in their enclosure. The tree contains a cat, who is attempting to look nonchalant. You could attempt a rescue…
labyrinthplaceholdersmall.png Unlocked with Route: the Labyrinth of Tigers 1
_ Dangerous challenge

A way to the Labyrinth

'Tonight we's doin' a lottery fer a season pass to the Labyrinth of Tigers! Oo's got the lucky ticket? Is it you?' This will allow permanent access to the Labyrinth of Tigers. The Labyrinth is most interesting to those who have Dangerous 97+.


Requires 10 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.


The young buck

Someone is trying to kill you. Specifically, a lad barely old enough to shave is trying to make his name by taking on a veteran with a lethal reputation.
Unlocked with Dangerous 69

Indulge him

It is time for a hard lesson regarding the superiority of experience over youth.
(Dangerous challenge; straightforward at 74)

Lessons for all

I grow weary of this! All who would seek to make a name by killing me - assemble here tomorrow! We shall end this nonsense!
straightforward at Dangerous 89

Walk away

This is simply too depressing. You are not here to kill youths, no matter how callow.


Race across the river

Messrs Leadbeater & Stainrod, one of the larger ship-building concerns on the Wolfstack Docks, are sponsoring an athletic competition…
Unlocked with Dangerous 69 and Dangerous no more than 106
[This card appears with Standard frequency]

Take part cautiously

The filthy oily water. The occasional lost sea-monster. The grasping hands of the Drownies. There's enough to worry about without trying to win.

_ Dangerous challenge

Dive in and swim for victory!

Charge! Last one to the south bank is a weasel!

_ Dangerous challenge

The assassin [Standard]

A professional killer has been hired to end your life…
Unlocked with Dangerous 69 and Dangerous no more than 106

Wait for the ambush

The prudent thing to do. You will be ready for him.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge Broad, 100% at 115

Send the assassin a box of chocolates and an insulting note

A pox upon nocturnal skulkers. Let them come! You are invincible!

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge Broad, level 84

The Fallen Angel

Why were you at the graveyard at night, talking to the verger? It doesn't matter now. What does matter is that some villain is up on the roof, pushing a stone angel over at the pair of you. Look out!
Unlocked with Dangerous 69 (but no more than 106)

Push the verger out of the way

You'll probably end up hurt, but at least the verger will be safe.

_ Dangerous challenge

Tackle the verger

A riskier option. If you make it, you'll both be in the clear. If not, it's going to hurt.

_ Dangerous challenge


The marvellous contrivance

Fodder is in short supply, and the price of horseflesh has risen three times in a month. The ingenious citizens of London are turning to other means of transportation.
Unlocked with Dangerous 69

What could go wrong?

A Forward-thinking Extortionist is testing the merits of the velocipede as an escape vehicle. He has an experiment for you to perform. You are to knock a copper's helmet off and then pedal like blazes.

_ Dangerous challenge
manaclessmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: Criminals 1]

Halt in the name of the law!

In response to an increasingly mobile criminal element, the Chief Constable has created a new Velocipede Squad. Your mission: chase down wrongdoers on a police-issue contraption.

_ Dangerous challenge
coppersmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: Constables 1]

The Ragman's barge

Unlocked with Dangerous 69
The Ragman's barge rides the current to the dock. The Discerning Ragman will barter curios and secrets for the right kinds of cloth.

Trade Fourth City Rags

Unlocked with 1 x Fourth City Rags
They're barely holding together. Besides, you’ll sleep far better without them whispering in the wardrobe.

A little extortion

A wooden boat, and all this cloth. Fire is such a danger. It would be a great pity to see it all go up in smoke.

Trade Black Felt Garments

Unlocked with 1 x Black Felt Garments
They're looking a trifle dusty, and they're threadbare at the elbows.

Trade a Stained Red Velvet Gown

Unlocked with 1 x Stained Red Velvet Gown
You’re sure he won't notice that someone else’s name is on the label.


The mummers’ dance

Unlocked with Dangerous 69
A crew of ribboned and top-hatted mummers stamp their authority on the cobbles, performing a vicious rhythmic satire about a quack doctor called 'E.E. Versengt'.

Join the dance

Social commentary with bells on? You'll happily put one in the eye of the ubiquitous tonic-seller.

Set the agenda

That battered box on the cobbles is the source of the mummers' tales. If you slip your own script into it, perhaps you can steer public opinion to suit you.

Cards which unlock between 70 and 79


Cards which unlock between 80 and 89


Pugilism and politics

A Scarred Underworld Kingpin seeks to have a Principled Junior Minister beaten to death as a reminder of who runs the city.
Unlocked with Dangerous 81

Beating the minister

He's not important enough to have a bodyguard. This should be easy enough.
Unlocked with Route: the Shuttered Palace
(Straightforward at Dangerous 86)

Beat up the Underworld Kingpin

The rule of law is paramount. And the Minister will most likely be very grateful.
(Straightforward at Dangerous 91)


Bounty Hunting [Standard]

The Constables would like to interview certain persons.
Unlocked with Dangerous 81 and Dangerous no more than 118

Track down and capture a Bomb-throwing Anarchist

He's somewhere in the Flit. Beware of… well, bombs.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  
flitsmall.png [Unlocked with Route: the Flit 1]

Track down and capture Jasper

Jasper is a notoriously dangerous Unfinished Clay Man. Jasper seems to work for someone important, perhaps even the Masters. Occasionally he gets distracted and doesn't come back.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

An evening's zailing [Standard]

Pirates are getting bolder and becoming a threat to even the bigger glim-ships.
Unlocked with Dangerous 81

Sign on to guard a glim-ship

Your reputation alone might be enough to keep the ship safe.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  
wavessmall.png [Unlocked with Route: Wolfstack Docks 1

Join the pirates

They'll be glad of a skilled blade in case things turn bloody.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

The tomb-colonist's dogs [Standard]

The Bandage-entwined Dog-breeder is making a name for himself as a rival to Mr Inch.

Could you look after them for a day?

The Bandage-entwined Dog-breeder has urgent business South of the river. Could you look after the hounds for a little time?

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  
bandagedmansmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: The Tomb-Colonies 3]

Hunting to hound

If you can control the beasts, the Bandage-entwined Dog-breeder might lend you a few hounds for the hunt.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  
trailsmall.png [Unlocked with The Hunt is On! 1]

The Parthenaeum

The majestic old gentleman's club is hardly a venue for fisticuffs…
Unlocked with Dangerous 81
[This card appears with Standard frequency]

Roust out an interloper

The Parthenaeum has been infiltrated! Socialites, the middle classes and other undesirables have been disturbing the gentlemen.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge Level 81 Broad

A little word in someone's ear

The Parthenaeum caters to many retired officers. If your exploits are dashing enough, you could rouse them into assisting with your current campaign.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge Level 90 Broad
knifesmall.png [Unlocked with Running Battle… 1

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