Dangerous Cards

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These Opportunity Cards will not appear unless your Dangerous quality reaches a certain level. They generally challenge the Dangerous quality but some have options which test other Qualities. The links below will jump to the section of the page describing Cards which unlock at that level of Dangerous Quality.

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Cards which unlock between 0 and 9


An unwise ambush (Std)

You walk in one of the dank green-grey parks of Fallen London. Mushrooms release clouds of spores underfoot. Whitish fungal fronds trail from half-dead trees. Suddenly, your walk is enlivened by footpads!

Teach the villains a lesson!

You could turn and flee. One of them is wheezing like a bellows - consumption, you'd guess - and the other has a club foot. But where's the fun in that?

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge (5% per point)

Actually, you really could turn and flee

They may not be the heartiest and stoutest criminals in Fallen London, but there are two of them. And one has a very knobbly stick.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge (~12% per point)

If only there were two of you, you could take on the world!

If you had someone to watch your back, you would be invincible! You could invite a friend from the Surface to be your partner in blood and glory! [This will invite someone who isn't playing to join you, and start a lucrative story if they do.]


Will nobody help the poor fellow? (Std)

A chandler's workshop has gone up in flames! He's trapped in an upper window. An admiring crowd watch as his candles glow and melt in the flames.

Daring is needed

A quick dash through the flames, damp coat across your face -

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge (5% per point)

The Stray (Std)

You're not necessarily a criminal. But that elderly gentleman shouldn’t be walking here this late with that heavy satchel.

Perhaps you can help

A clout to the back of the head should resolve the situation.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge (10% per point)

No, perhaps you can actually help

Guide the silly old duffer out of this rather sinister neighbourhood. Erm, which way was that again?

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge (10% per point)

Assistance needed for lynching

The Constables need sturdy types to bring a honey-addled murderess to justice, or at least hang her from the nearest gas-lamp.

Take the badge and the bricks

Pick up your copper deputy’s badge and join the bloodthirsty mob armed with bricks and clubs.
(Dangerous challenge; straightforward at 16)


A duel with a dead man (Std)

You are accosted by a visitor from the tomb-colonies, where dead men go when they are too disfigured to walk in Fallen London. 'None of these wretched pinkskins can fight,' he hisses. 'Can you? I am so terribly bored.'
   [Unlocked with Dangerous 9-39]

Play decoy to encourage other victims

If you don't want to fight in earnest, you could agree to a little light sparring to encourage other victims… ah, clients.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge (~6% per point)

Let the dead man pay you for the pleasure of trying to kill you

Be careful. Tomb-colonists may have died dozens of times. They learn from their mistakes.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge (2.5% per point)

Demander for a day

A local villain needs some muscle to shake down shopkeepers.
Unlocked with Dangerous 9

Easy money

An afternoon of glaring at greygrocers and frightening fishmongers.
(Dangerous challenge; straightforward at 18)

Deal with the mason

The mason scoffs at your employer. He has four burly sons, two Clay Man employees and many hammers. This is going to be trouble.
(Dangerous challenge; modest at 25)

Cards which unlock between 10 and 19

Cards which unlock between 20 and 29


Harvesting spider-silk

Sorrow-spiders have infested a rambling, squalid rookery near Spite. There are too many to destroy, but perhaps a band of sturdy armed citizens could acquire some silk?
Unlocked with Dangerous 21

Stay around the edges

A safer option is to make off with some silk while the main party of harvesters engage the spiders.
(Dangerous challenge; chancy at 21, straightforward at 33)

Into the rookery with goggles and hatchets

Locals cheer the expedition as the tools of the harvester are distributed. A scarred, one-eyed veteran harvester beckons you over and proffers goggles.
(Dangerous challenge; modest at 37)


Shroom-hopping: a quaint sport of the lower classes

Watchmaker’s Hill is a rough place, and has rough entertainment. Leaping from huge mushroom to huge mushroom in a flooded field is considered amusing in these parts.
Unlocked with Dangerous 21

Just try to finish

This'll be tricky. The pundits say the going is spongy and the spore-caps are more toxic than usual… And they’re off!
(Dangerous challenge; chancy at 21, low-risk at 24)

Go all out

You are going to finish first! Or fall in the slimy water. Or get pushed into a toxic spore-patch. Or some such thing.
(Dangerous challenge; straightforward at 42)


Guard a glim claim

A veteran sea skimmer – a collector of jewel fragments that fall into the Unterzee from the cavern roof – has claimed a rich section of shoreline and is off to Veilgarden to celebrate. There’s a few fragments of fallen glim to be made guarding his claim.
Unlocked with Dangerous 21

Quiet evening on the shore

The claim doesn't look like much – a few yards of muddy shoreline. There are hungry eyes out in the shadows, though, and only you between them and glim.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 32)

A direct approach

If glim claims are badly guarded, why do you not indulge in a little armed robbery yourself?
(Dangerous challenge)


A runaway horse!

The horses of Fallen London are vicious, shaggy brutes and this one has taken fright from a sorrow-spider and bolted with its hansom cab. Someone will get hurt!
Unlocked with Dangerous 21

Tear loose a case from the hansom

You'll have to be quick and strong, but you might grab a little luggage before the horse bolts out of reach.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 27)

A simple matter of agility and thews

Bringing the horse back to its senses will only require a nimble leap on to the careering hansom and wrestling with the beast's reins until it stops. How hard can that be?
(Dangerous challenge)


A night for knives and candles

The rakes and ruffians who play Knife and Candle are out in force tonight. Some have been drinking, and at least one thinks that you are his mark.
Unlocked with Dangerous 21

Playing rough

You could just run for it, but there is something very irritating about being mistaken for a victim. A lesson in prudence is in order.
(Dangerous challenge; low-risk at 25)

Playing even rougher

Of course, you could just stand on a nearby rain barrel and loudly declaim that any players of Knife-and-Candle nearby are gutless weasels with all the poise and breeding of a sorrow-spider.
(Dangerous challenge; straightforward at 40)


Bare-knuckle prize fight

There are whispers of a moderately illegal all-comers bare knuckle fight in an empty market hall near Veilgarden. Can your pugilistic skills carry the day?
[Unlocked with Dangerous 21]

A gallery of ruffians and bruisers

It is to be expected that the field is varied. There are many local bruisers, three bandaged tomb-colonists, two women (the scandal of it!) and an oriental boxer. That's the bell!
A challenge for your Dangerous quality.

Take on the local champion

The local champion is a towering sergeant of the Constables. His scarred fists are known across the Neath. At least the ring won't be raided during the fight.
A challenge for your Dangerous quality.

Cards which unlock between 30 and 39


The Listing Tower

A once-grand residence gently subsiding into the edge of Bugsby's Marshes. Limitless potential for ambush. Nightly stabbings. Dimming glory.
Unlocked with Dangerous 30

A wager of courage

A trio of fur-clad hunters at the Medusa's Head bet that you won't stay a night in this house of murderers. You intend to prove them wrong and claim their pelts.
(Dangerous challenge)

What new madness is this?

Traps, within reason, are allowed in the game of Knife-and-Candle. Incendiaries inside large buildings are frowned on, however. Mr. Iron asks you to deal with the situation.
Unlocks with: an Umpire of the Game of Knife-and-Candle 1
(Dangerous challenge)

Move to the half-abandoned mansion

Mr Iron invites all of Officer rank and above to stay in this property free of charge. He suggests you bring your own candles. If you enjoy rats, murderers and gloomy grandeur, this is the place for you. Allows 3 cards in your hand and provides a Significant defence bonus in Knife-and-Candle.
Requires Knife-and-Candle Rank 14


The tenor's minder

A noted opera singer has been threatened by a spurned lover. He needs a bodyguard.
Unlocked with Dangerous 33

Evening dress provided

Vigilant, discreet and subtly ferocious. You can manage that.
(Dangerous challenge; straightforward at 39)

Rid him of his assailant

You are sure he will tell you of his troubles if you promise to deal with them.
(Dangerous challenge; modest at 50)


For the people!

Revolution is coming, apparently. It seems that it requires a financier be firmly beaten. Why not?
[Unlocked with Dangerous 33]

Rights and wrongs

The shabby, eloquent figure speaks of the rights of man, and who exactly needs to be thrashed for the good of all.

_ Dangerous challenge

Volunteer to disrupt an important meeting

The gathering of financiers will have formidable protection. They should know that they will never be safe! Long live the revolution!

_ Dangerous challenge

Arson and avarice

A local landlord is displeased with some squatters, and is prepared to sacrifice a tenement to the flames to make a point.
Unlocked with Dangerous 33

Tip the squatters off

Burn the place down, but ensure that the squatters are warned.
(Dangerous challenge; low-risk at 37)

Burn it down

Lamp oil and matchsticks will do the trick, and the fellow promises to pay well.
(Dangerous challenge; low-risk at 37)

Cards which unlock between 40 and 49


The Ways of Wolfstack Docks

A thousand ships a day, or so they say.
[Unlocked with Dangerous 40 and Dangerous no more than 80]

A day trip to the Docks

A zailor will show you around Wolfstack Docks for a day - if you slip him enough jade for a drink and a tattoo.
jadesmall.png [Unlocked with 50 x Jade Fragment]
wavessmall.png [Unlocked with Route: Wolfstack Docks no more than 0]

The returning Gazetteer

A society journalist is returning from disgrace in the tomb-colonies. He's due into the Docks on a steamer tonight. Some of his victims would rather see his exile last a little longer.

_ Dangerous challenge
wavessmall.png [Unlocked with Route: Wolfstack Docks 1]

What's this?

A docks permit, simply flapping about in the gutter. What a stroke of luck! With this, you'll be able to travel freely about Wolfstack Docks. This will open up permanent access to Wolfstack Docks
Wolfstack Docks are most interesting for those who have Dangerous 60+.


Requires 5 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.


Deal with a drunk old soldier

He's swinging an antique sabre and screaming that he'll take on all comers.
Unlocked with Dangerous 45, You must be in Watchmaker's Hill to play this card

Take him on

He wants a fight? You'll give him one!
(Dangerous challenge)

Talk him down

Perhaps you can reason with him. He is pretty drunk, though.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 67)


Academic discipline

It's the annual dinner hosted by the Dean of Phrenology & Applied Cranial Exploration this evening. The University is hiring sturdy types for additional security.
Unlocked with Dangerous 45

Vigorous student bodies

The annual dinner generally ends in a brawl between students, and you are asked to help keep order.
(Dangerous challenge)


Minding the detective

An Implacable Detective wishes to retain the services of a bodyguard for a particularly perilous case.
Unlocked with Dangerous 45 (but no more than 75)

The case of the frenzied mandrake

Following a detective around might be interesting, and how dangerous can a plant be, anyway?
(Dangerous challenge; modest at 61)


Join a Smuggling Ring

There's a market for just about anything in London, if you know your customer base, and you do. You hear of a gang going out at night to retrieve barrels of fine French ambergris brandy; the barque known as the Red Lady drops her cargoes a little out at zee and it's up to the gangs on shore to bypass the dockyard and its tiresome 'formalities'.
Unlocked with Dangerous 45

Just fence a few casks for now, while you get to know your new colleagues.

Goodness! They do use some salty language.
(Dangerous challenge; straightforward at 51)

The gang could use an extra hand or three tonight

Take the look-out's post. All you have to do is prowl the jetty and keep an eye out for neddy men. You can do that.
Unlocked with Dangerous 50
(Dangerous challenge)

Join the salvage party

Much more profitable. Much more dangerous.
Unlocked with Dangerous 55
(Dangerous challenge)


A night at the carnival

What could be more relaxing than an evening out in the garish lights of Mrs Plenty's Most Distracting Carnival?
Unlocked with Dangerous 45

There's always something

A great grey wolf has escaped from the carnival. Recapturing it would be quite the thing.
(Dangerous challenge; modest at 61)

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