Strength, ferocity, soldiering


Dangerous is one of the 4 Main Qualities. It determines your fighting and strategic ability. See Main Qualities for details about how Main Qualities work.


Dangerous Locations Watchmaker's Hill
Wolfstack Docks
The Labyrinth of Tigers
Other Dangerous opportunities
Ambition Quality Nemesis (with Watchful)
Bag a Legend (with Watchful)
Second Chances fistsmall.png Hard-Earned Lesson
blackjacksmall.png Surprise Attack
Associated Menace Wounds

Modifying Dangerous

Your equipment can modify your Dangerous value. It does so additively (ie. a hat with +1 Dangerous will always increase your Dangerous by a full point.) — change points are ignored.

+5 Iron Hat, Semiotic Monocle
+4 Snuffer's Face
+2 Extraordinary Hat, Pirate Hat
+1 Deafening Hat
–1 Beguiling Mask
+8 Far Khanate Lacquered Armour
+2 Bloodstained Suit, Corsetted Dress, Gentleman's Athletic Support, Rough Gown
–1 Academic Gown, Elegant Emerald Gown, Exquisite Ivory Gown, Distinguished Gentleman's Outfit, Faded Morning Suit, Glad Rags, Magnificent Midnight-Blue Evening Gown, Morning Suit, Night-Trimmed Frock Coat, Respectable Grey Gown, Dignified Tailcoat, Shabby Opera Cloak, Sumptuous Dandy's Outfit
+5 Spiderchitin Gauntlets
+3 Twelve-carat Diamond Ring
+2 Knife-and-Candler's Glove, Insatiable Glove, Voracious Glove
–1 Dancemaster's Dabs, Lady's Lace Gloves, Magician's Gloves
+10 Infernal Sharpshooter's Rifle
+6 Ravenglass Knife
+4 Ancient Hunting Rifle, Key-to-Heart Dagger
+3 Spiked Rosary
+2 Poison-Tipped Umbrella, Ratting Piece, Rattus Faber Rifle, Skyglass Knife, Tasselled Sword-Cane, Vake-Killing Club
+1 Emergency Blunderbuss, Exceptional Petal, Forbidden Map-Fragment, Prison Shiv, Sandalwood Club
–1 Patent Scrutinizer, Patent Scrutinizer Deluxe!
–2 Myriad Keys, Ratwork Watch
–4 Drownie Song of the Deep
+8 Vakeskin Boots
+6 Kingscale Boots
+5 Savage Hob-nailed Boots
+8 Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief, Scuttering Squad
+7 Bengal Tigress
+6 Ruthless Henchman
+5 Malevolent Monkey
+4 Working Rat
+3 Dark-Carapaced Crustacean, Half-Wild Mandrake, Unfinished Hat, Watchful Doll
+2 Araby Fighting-Weasel, Bifurcated Owl, Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief, Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider, Hound of Heaven, Neurasthenic Assassin, Plated Seal, Slavering Dream-Hound, The Pirate Poet, Tomb-Lion
+1 Albino Rat, Wolfie
–1 Cardsharp Monkey, Winsome Dispossessed Orphan
–2 Hysterical Monkey
–25 Talkative Rattus Faber
Home Comfort
+1 Formidable Basalt Gynasium
Constant Companion
+1 Academic Intriguer, Comfortable Intriguer, Devout Intriguer

Items in green are not available in the Bazaar.

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