Cultivating An Acquaintance With His Amused Lordship

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Cultivating An Acquaintance With His Amused Lordship
you are attempting to gain a valuable contact among the aristocracy


* The story begins via the following Bronze-bordered opportunity card:


His Amused Lordship

Unlocks: Persuasive 69, Route: the Shuttered Palace, Connected: Society 5
While attending a rather vulgar music-hall show, you bump into His Amused Lordship. He is here incognito, but his expensive hat and booming laugh give him away.

Make an impression on His Lordship

A man worth knowing. He has influence at the Shuttered Palace.

* Then these two other Bronze-Bordered Opportunity Cards will rise your cultivating an acquaintance with His Amused Lordship up to 3:


A meeting with His Amused Lordship

His Amused Lordship's secretary has left you a message. His Lordship has a free afternoon and wishes you to call upon him at the Palace.

Go to the Palace

Hopefully you can cultivate an acquaintance of some sort with His Lordship. Apart from his tastes in low humour, you know little of the man, however…


A meeting of minds

Unlocks: cultivating an acquaintance with His Amused Lordship 2, Persuasive 93
An impromptu meeting of free thinkers and radicals is happening in Veilgarden tonight. Perhaps His Amused Lordship will be there.

Gatecrash the party

Perhaps you can bluff your way in.

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