Crossing The Unterzee

value of cards and options

The Broad Unterzee seems to be intended as a juggling act between increasing Approaching Journey's End to 9 while controlling troubled waters. However, troubled waters is not a serious threat and can be ignored, so we need only concern ourselves with increasing Approaching Journey's End (and the value of any rewards gained in the process).

Note this is a work in progress, and change points have not been double checked. storylets in italics; note that no point in using a card with fewer change points than these).

From Best to Worst:

5 change points
Good weather for a Zee-Clipper - unlocked with Swift Zee-clipper 1

3 change points, 30 pence
Delicious, delicious lumps (Calm Seas: A Huge Terrible Beast of the Unterzee!) (Dangerous challenge)

3 change points (all need confirmation)
Steam on by (Calm Seas: A Huge Terrible Beast of the Unterzee!)
Fair Sailing.
A ship of zealots (requires either a Dangerous challenge or Swift Zee-clipper)

1 change point, 65 pence
Average of lucky and Lucky for 'Glimfall!'(Calm Seas: Creaking from Above)

2 change points
Steam on by (A Spit of Land)
A Clinging Coral Mass (Persuasive, Dangerous change points unknown)

1.5 change points
Steam Boldly
Make it up

1 change point, 2 pts suspicion, ~140 pence

'Hoist the black flag' (Those engines don't sound healthy)

1 change point, 15 pence

average of 'A Mountain of the Unterzee' IF this is your first action. (Otherwise, averages -0.5 change points)

1 change point

Steam Prudently
Exchange pleasantries via semaphore (A Corvette of Her Majesty's Navy)
Make ready to dive (The Killing Wind) (requires Zubmarine)
Submerge (requires Zubmarine)

1 change point, quirk decrease
'Let the Unterzee have them' (She's Going Down!)

0.5 change points
Outrun the storm front (The Killing Wind)

0 change points

'Offer to help' (Those engines don't sound healthy)

Any action spent crossing the The Broad Unterzee is one less that can be spent at your destination; as an action at Hunters Keep is worth approx 150 pence, each change point of "Approaching Journey's End" is worth about 50 pence.

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