Things to do at Court...

…involving Romance

One of the most enjoyable diversions in the Court are it's denizens.



Attend to matters of romance

One cannot be unprepared in matters of the heart. If one is pursuing more than one object of desire, one must be exceptionally prepared. Use this to raise your Fascinating… quality to 10. You can then spend Fascinating… on pursuing your intended.
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 80]

Attend to fashion

A certain bohemian unkemptness might delight in Veilgarden. But in the Palace, one must be dressed properly.

_ Persuasive challenge

Take a stroll in the gardens

A certain part of the gardens, a prettyish kind of fungal wilderness, is reserved for the more respectable sort of lover.

_ Persuasive challenge

Attend courtly functions

The Palace hosts an endless succession of hushed salons, subdued poetry readings, extremely quiet dances and so on. One must be seen at these things.

_ Persuasive challenge

Write a letter

With the ban on loud conversation, the art of composing heartfelt letters flourishes at the Palace.

_ Persuasive challenge

Attend a dance

Dances are sometimes furtively held at the far ends of the Palace. Dancing slippers are muffled with thick carpets. The brass section uses tablecloths as dampeners. Nonetheless, the dance continues.

_ Persuasive challenge

Perform artistically

A poetry reading, perhaps? Quiet music at the far end of the gardens? A moving scene from a play?

_ Persuasive challenge

Disporting with the servantry

The ever present but invisible servantry. Most guests of the court pay no attention, but some of the staff are not unattractive. You may have other irons in the fire, but the odd flirtation will surely do no harm.
roseyellowsmall.png [Unlocked with Fascinating… 3]
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 85]

Flirt with a parlour-maid

She is shy, but you have noticed the flash of interest in her eyes when your paths cross. Leave a rose where she will find it one morning.

_ Persuasive challenge
roseyellowsmall.png [Unlocked with Fascinating… 3]

Catch the eye of a butler

Many of the butlers don an air of stuffy disapproval along with their uniform, but there is one that has gentle eyes and often seems to be suppressing a smile. Engage him in private conversation.

_ Persuasive challenge
roseyellowsmall.png [Unlocked with Fascinating… 4]

Make overtures to a cook

Slip down to the kitchen late at night, after everything is quiet, and talk to the pastry-cook with the wicked smile.

_ Persuasive challenge
roseyellowsmall.png [Unlocked with Fascinating… 5]

A Barbed Wit

Unlocks: Fascinating 10
Brilliant, magnetic, merciless, infuriating.

Pursue the Barbed Wit

The Barbed Wit is notorious for her bright intellect, her sharp tongue and her radical politics. She is a campaigner for universal suffrage and the rights of women. And they do say she once conducted an intrigue with the Acclaimed Beauty. [Spend your Fascinating to attract her attention.]


An Acclaimed Beauty

Unlocks: Fascinating 10
Peerless of feature, distant of manner.

Pursue the Acclaimed Beauty

The Acclaimed Beauty is an extraordinarily handsome fellow. He is reserved and often alone; he can appear pensive or almost disdainful. And he has, apparently, a turbulent past. Rumours whisper of a dalliance with the Barbed Wit. All this makes for much imaginative speculation at court. [Spend your Fascinating to attract his attention.]


Attend a ball in aid of a good cause

Unlocks: Fascinating 10, seen with a Barbed Wit 1
'The Fund for Relief of Gentlemen in Reduced Circumstances.' Marvellous institution! A patron has been permitted to hold a ball at Court in order to generate funds.

Impress the wit

Straightforward: Fascinating 14
The Barbed Wit is declining to dance this evening. Her coterie are telling tales of past loves around the mantelpiece. You should join them.

Choose Wit over Beauty

The Acclaimed Beauty may be pretty, but he is not renowned for his wordplay. One might earn the Barbed Wit's approbation with a little baiting.
Straightforward: Fascinating 12


Attend a ball in aid of a worthy cause

Unlocks: Fascinating 10, seen with an Acclaimed Beauty 1
The ball is to aid the reformation of discharged criminals or some such. Let's hope nobody from your Newgate days recognises you. At least the Beauty will be there.

Almost music

An entire chamber orchestra stands watching the dance, but their instruments are just for show: the Empress dislikes loud noises. The Acclaimed Beauty's dance card is full, but you might be able to sneak in a waltz near midnight.
Straightforward: Fascinating 14

Choose Beauty over Wit

The Barbed Wit and the Acclaimed Beauty have some sort of past rivalry. Perhaps you could embarrass her a little to win his approval.
Straightforward: Fascinating 12


Sparkling wit

Unlocks: Fascinating 10, Seen with a Barbed Wit 2
You observe the Barbed Wit at an otherwise undistinguished salon. She is making veiled comments about the Consort and the undying nature of love. Is she mad? And can you match - or even best - her in a battle of words? Meanwhile, look. The Acclaimed Beauty is standing alone, in a corner, watching you both over the top of a book.

Bandy words with the Barbed Wit

But do it carefully. If the Empress thinks you are mocking the Consort, you will be immediately fed to the Cantigaster.
Straightforward at Fascinating 14

Call attention to the Acclaimed Beauty

Is he wearing last month's collar? Perhaps his choice of books can be disparaged. Surely casting aspersions on the Beauty will help your standing with the Wit.
Straightforward at Fascinating 12


An occult history

Unlocks: Fascinating 10, Seen with an Acclaimed Beauty 2
The Acclaimed Beauty's past is a mystery. He doesn't speak of it. If pressed, he lifts a hand to his heart and looks sideways out of the window. Perhaps you can find someone else who knows.

Approach a former lover of his

The Barbed Wit is not the only lady from his past. A society beauty has been pointed out to you. Their affair was famously torrid; it ended in acrimony some weeks ago. Perhaps she can tell you something.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward < 98


The Wit and the Physician

Unlocks: Fascinating 10, Seen with a Barbed Wit 3
You bump into the Barbed Wit at a literary salon. A Saturnine Physician is speaking to her. 'But of course, these unnatural urges - the wish to have the vote and to enter education - this affliction is caused by vapours arising from the womb. Of course we can now correct these matters surgically!'

Throw the villain out of the window

Damn the consequences! The man is an ass!

Join in with the Barbed Wit against him

The Barbed Wit has certain words to say concerning these particular medical theories. She clearly doesn't need any help, but joining in should do your suit no harm.

Nod and smile along.

Is it not wonderful how medical science has advanced?


Outshine your rivals

Unlocks: Seen with an Acclaimed Beauty 3, Fascinating 10
A little gathering after the court has attended church. The Acclaimed Beauty is there, a reluctant bright star orbited by a pack of your rivals. The Barbed Wit stands apart from the crowd, but she watches you both.

Wade into the admiring churchgoers

You must sparkle. You must glow. You must be the one he thinks of over his Sunday lunch.
Straightforward: Fascinating 14

Make a point of getting in the Wit's way.

Is the Barbed Wit approaching the Beauty? Not if you have anything to do with it.
Straightforward: Fascinating 12


Winning over the Barbed Wit's friends

Unlocks: Fascinating 10, Seen with a Barbed Wit 4
The Barbed Wit has a coterie of admirers, friends and hangers-on. It would be wise to secure their approval.

A night on the town

Unlocks: Jade Fragment 300
You could take the Barbed Wit's friends out for an evening in Veilgarden. They must be aching for some light and noise after the silent, decorous gloom of the Palace.
Straightforward at Fascinating 14

Ask about the affair with the Acclaimed Beauty

Unlocks: Greyfields 1882 100
The Barbed Wit speaks little about her romance with the Acclaimed Beauty. Perhaps a little wine will get her friends talking.
Straightforward at Fascinating 12


An indecorous argument

Unlocks: Seen with a Barbed Wit 5, Fascinating 10
You're not sure how it started. You were enjoying a quiet conversation with the Barbed Wit in an overlooked corner at an otherwise dull salon. And then the sharp words. Hissed recriminations. You are in some danger of having a public screaming match with her!

Return fire

The Empress' prohibition on noise is most inconvenient. You should not let the Wit's barbs go without retort. She probably appreciates being challenged, rather than deferred to, after all.

Walk away

Decorum must be maintained. There will be another time.


A stroll with the Acclaimed Beauty

Unlocks: Seen with an Acclaimed Beauty 4, Fascinating… 10
From a window, you see the Acclaimed Beauty taking a lonely stroll in the rose garden. He appears wistful. He glances around frequently. Is he hoping to see someone? Could it be you?

Take a stroll yourself

A chance meeting in a rose garden? What could be a more opportune occasion for romance?
Straightforward: Fascinating… 12

Speak of the ills done to you by the Barbed Wit

Entirely imaginary ills, but ills nonetheless. The lonely gardens will ensure that nobody inconvenient is listening to your calumny. Such lies are alas the necessary weapons of romance.
Straightforward: Fascinating… 11


Opening the heart

Unlocks: seen with an Acclaimed Beauty 5, Fascinating… 10
The Acclaimed Beauty is brooding near the ornamental fishponds. He looks more handsome and more gloomy than ever.

Offer to listen to his woes

It is long past time he opened his heart to you.
Fascinating… challenge, Modest at 10.


Conclude your affair with the Barbed Wit

unlocked with Seen with the Barbed Wit 6, Fascinating… 10
The Barbed Wit, forward as ever, calls upon you unannounced. The words of your last exchange still ring in her ears. And she has certain intentions towards you. She has brought a rose.

Break off the affair chastely

Romance is all well and good, but your are not going to be party to her plans. You were only ever interested in enhancing your reputation. A polite 'good day' is all she is getting from you.

Let her in with a smile

The flirtations of court are pleasant enough. Sometimes, though, taking that small step further is downright delightful.

Suggest something a little more… exotic

Unlocks: Hedonist 7
A racy assignation in the Empress' own gilded carriage, perhaps? You'll probably be caught. Possibly that's the point.


Conclude your affair with the Acclaimed Beauty

unlocked with Fascinating… 10, seen with an Acclaimed Beauty 6
The Acclaimed Beauty, while reserved as ever, gazes at you longingly at salons and dinners. It is more than flesh can bear.

Break off the affair

Is it his distressing past? Have your eyes found another? Or do you enjoy seeing one so admired reduced to helpless admiration?

Call upon his rooms with passionate intent

He has given up his secrets. But you want more from him.

Perhaps something a little more exotic

The Palace roof would make a loftily exhilarating setting for the conclusion of an affair.
Unlocks: Hedonist 7


A passion carefully arranged

The Acclaimed Beauty. The Barbed Wit. You. Together. Deplorable, of course. But glorious.
unlocked with seen with a Barbed Wit 6, seen with an Acclaimed Beauty 6, Fascinating… 10

Drowning prudence in passion

Unlocks: Hedonist 9
A scandal? The scandal to eclipse all other scandals. The pair of them. At once. On the throne of the Empress! This will be an exquisite encounter.

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