The Empress' Court

Pray silence for her Imperial Majesty. Silence, and darkness.

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And here you are, in the Empress' Court!

Apparently the Empress doesn't like light. Or sudden movements, loud noises, foreigners, treason, peaches. When you're Empress, you can do this kind of thing.

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Proceed cautiously here, among the very highest of high counselors, secretaries and hangers-on. Keeping in their favour, and the Empress', of course, is important! Here you can call in favours from other Society notables, if you wish. But, there are opportunities here for both romance and creativity!

How does one get to The Empress' Court?

You gain access to Court from using your contacts with the Duchess or other Society nobles at The Shuttered Palace. Once there, plan to spend some time because you'll need to use more connections to get back in, should you leave.

The Empress' Court Storylets…

Storylets at Court are challenges for your Persuasive Quality. However, choosing to engage in romantic or creative pursuits will open up even more storylets. The links below will jump to a new page describing the storylets available in the the Empress' Court.

foxsmall.png Storylets that exercise your Persuasive quality
roseyellowsmall.png Storylets concerning Romance at Court
baldmansmall.png Storylets involving Building a Reputation at Court

This was Feast of the Exceptional Rose 2012…it is historical, and probably doesn't belong here…

The Duchess's Banquet

The Duchess is holding a banquet of some kind at the Palace in honour of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose…The more Admired have been invited. That's you, of course.
unlocked with Admired 3

Catch the attention of the Duchess

The Duchess has many things in common with her feline companions. They say that if you approach her with perfect stealth, she will tell you a secret.
unlocked with Admired 5
Shadowy challenge, straightforward < 77

Share a little honey with the Captivating Princess

The Captivating Princess was born in the year of the Fall. She wears scandal like a Parisian gown, and is rumoured to have a taste for honey.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.
unlocked with Admired 7

Joke with His Amused Lordship

His Amused Lordship is an occasional visitor to the palace. He is known to appreciate humour bordering on the bawdy. He is suspected of frequenting lower class establishments of entertainment in disguise.
unlocked with Admired 9

What's going on in the wine cellars?

Sounds emerge from below. Is that music? Is something going on in the wine cellars? Perhaps you could slip away and find out. Don't get caught.
(A matter of luck: it could go either way.)

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