Correspondence Plaque

Correspondence Plaque
A lead plaque incised, carefully, with Correspondence sigils. Not too many. Apparently even lead can burn.
Sells for 50 pence

Stored in inventory under Wild Words, when clicked on these actions are available:

Barter your Correspondence Plaques

It's much safer to keep Correspondence letters on lead sheets than on paper. But still, your study is becoming a danger to public health and sanity.


Unlikely customers

What on earth do these scruffy street-children want with lead sheets engraved with primal sigils? And more importantly, what will they pay you?
This will always gain you Aeolian Screams. It may have other effects.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.

(Unlocked with Correspondence Plaque X 50, Connected: Urchins 3)


Give your Correspondence Plaques to Surface travellers

Enough! Enough of these mind-shattering letters! Let us hear stories of bright skies and sunshine!
This will always gain you Visions of the Surface.

(Unlocked with Correspondence Plaque X 50)

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