Corpsecage Island

Who could say what ghosts linger here, sighing into the zee?

Orthos is Coming! 0-4


Corpsecage Island

This spit of black rock and stunted heath is hard to find, even with a map. But it's said that each of the Bazaar's previous cities has at least touched the place.

Digging up bones and rough justice

Certain radicals say that the Constables occasionally dispose of the worst and most scandalous criminals here. They say this is a tradition that began in the Second City.

The Corpsecage bat

The bats of Corpsecage aren't the cheery carefree wild fellows. They chitter and squeak grumpily. Perhaps they're exiled operatives of the Great Game.

Orthos is Coming! 4-6


The Religions of Corpsecage Island

All these relics of the Bazaar's previous cities. What can they tell you about their spiritual beliefs?

Examine the ruins for clues

Did the peoples of previous cities look to the Correspondence for spiritual guidance? Were they sceptics, or spiritualists, or totemists, or monotheists, perhaps?

What's written here?

A stone tablet and a few columns have the scratchy writing of the Fourth City on them.

Orthos is Coming! 6-7


Up the Hill

Tiny animal tracks lead steeply upwards, to a little plateau. You can see what might be ruined buildings up there. Why not?

See what you can dig up

The ruins resemble a long, walled courtyard rather than a building. If you weren't here to research, you might think to string up a tennis net.

Caging ancient echoes

The walled courtyard echoes with shrieks and howls. Mindless, inhuman things from a previous age. Let's see if there are some empty jars in the stores…

Orthos is Coming! 7-8


Another Sort of Relic

Although the island looks abandonded, you do see signs of visitors. The remains of a campfire, long cold, dotted with blackened Mason jars. Scraps of mooring rope.

Rummage around the fire

Perhaps there's more here than evidence of the Neath's past. If the stories are to be believed, Corpsecage Island is studded with valuable caches.

A message long cold

Perhaps the greatest treasures on the island are the ones drawn in the camp-fire ashes with a stick.

Orthos is Coming! 8- He is Here!!


The Shore Near the Jetty

If the Constables used this place, they must have sheltered somewhere when the maddening winds blew and the Unterzee grew rumbunctious.

The zee-caves

The caves dotted along the shore are little more than stone notches, half-clogged with silt and slipped earth. The question is, which one do you dig into?


The Back of Corpsecage

An isolated cove on the far side of Corpsecage Island. No ruins here, but a path leads to a stubby jetty of crumbling stone.

Inauspicious iron

As the tide recedes, you can see rusted iron manacles of recent design firmly fixed to the rock. They're below the zee-weedy strand of the high tide line.

Orthos is Coming! 9-10


Looking for Relics

The splendid thing about the past is that it's worth a fair bit to the right customer.

In the bag you go

Third City relics from up by the walled court. Horsehead amulets from nearer the shore. Your sack is a better place for them than the cold uncaring earth.


Finish your notes on Corpsecage Island

There's solid evidence that Corpsecage Island has been sporadically inhabited over the ages. Relics from other cities stolen by the Bazaar lurk all over this place like currants in a bun.

Writing it all down

You have seen proof of Fourth and Third City inhabitation, and some evidence suggesting the Second City. There's material for a few weighty works here.

Orthos is Coming! 10


Orthos Has Set Upon You

The Fleet of Truth will be here at any moment - with or without Dr Orthos.

Time to go

You should make your escape now, before it's too late. [There is some risk of losing some of your research notes.]

Tarry a little

What? You're in the middle of something. These interruptions are intolerable. [There is some risk of losing some of your research notes.]
(A matter of luck: pretty good odds.)

Cut it fine

Orthos couldn't threaten a one-legged syphilitic rattus faber. You'll go when you're done and not before. [There is some risk of losing some of your research notes.]
(A matter of luck: the odds are against you here.)

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