Companions (Pets)

Companions available at the Bazaar

Note that Companions are now called Pets on the Bazaar tab. It has been suggested that this is to distinguish them from a Constant Companion.

Note: This page is deprecated, and a number of these Companions have been upgraded, including Fate-locked ones. And they're called Companions again.


Lucky Weasel
We don't mean he brings luck to you. Things just work out for this cheery little fellow.


Reprehensible Lizard
A lizard who has seen life, and has no regrets.

  • No discernible effect
  • 40 pence, sells for 20 pence


Sulky Bat
Where are my sodding crickets?


A Cheerful Goldfish
A happy addition to your household.


Talkative Rattus Faber
Yes. Yes, I know. Yes! Just shut up for a moment. Let me think!

  • Shadowy -25, Persuasive -25, Watchful -25, Dangerous -25
  • 80 pence (sells for 0 pence)
  • (NOTE: yes, this is entirely negative values, for the benefit of those who have advanced beyond new content)


Araby Fighting-Weasel
A ferocious little fellow. Sleek, proud, cunning, sharp-too…stand still, d—n you! Where has it gone?


Dazed Raven Advisor
They say ravens can be as wise as owls. This one is not. But it does occasionally say useful things. (Find the Kindness of Ravens card to learn how to upgrade your Raven Advisor.)


Deshrieked Mandrake
Soak one mandrake root in solution herbs, formaldehyde, in order to blunt its shriek. Leave in cage with songbird, nine weeks. Serve.

  • Persuasive +2
  • 12 Echoes, 80 pence (sells for 6 Echoes, 40 pence).


Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider
You are reasonably certain that this spider will only climb legs and bite eyes when so instructed by its owner.

  • Dangerous +2
  • 12 Echoes, 80 pence (sells for 6 Echoes, 40 pence).


Grubby Urchin
Sly, agile, and moderately reliable.


Devious Henchman
This man is a man with a plan. You didn't pick him for his good looks.


Working Rat
A working rat just needs to make a living. A working rat knows he can't be too picky about his work. Know what I mean?

  • Dangerous +4
  • 64 Echoes, 80 pence (sells for 32 Echoes, 40 pence)


Winsome Dispossessed Orphan
One has to pick a pocket or two. Regrettably.


Malevolent Monkey
A miniature agent of wickedness, ready to carry out your every instruction. And it's so adorable!


Ruthless Henchman
If you ever betray him, make sure he doesn't survive.


Alluring Accomplice
Well. Hello.


Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief
Wot you lookin' at?


Midnight Matriarch
Once a confidante of the Duchess; long-exiled for some mysterious infraction, but still steeped in the dignity of the Palace. What might she know? What obligations is she owed?


Bengal Tigress
'I have a tiger. Do you have a tiger?'


Scuttering Squad
The Scuttering Company: a rapacious mercenary army operating out of a baronet's larder somewhere west of Watchmaker's Hill. They may loan you a squad of especially irregular troopers for a long-term contract. The cancellation clause is pretty punishing, though.


All fear the Overgoat. Do not imagine you can hide from it.

  • Watchful +20, Dreaded +1, Bizarre +1, Caprine Authority +1
  • 11712 Echoes, 80 pence (Sells for 5856 Echoes, 40 pence)

Companions available from Storylets


Haunted-looking Dog
Cats! Cats everywhere!


Disgraced Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief
He still limps from his last fierce duel. Best not to remind him.


Handsome Lad with a Healthy Appetite
Charming, biddable, and in many respects almost indistinguishable from a real person. A keen follower of Knife-and-Candle.


Hysterical Monkey
This thing is keen-eyed and obviously intelligent. But its experiences have so unnerved it that any serious drama will send it instantly into a shrieking frenzy.


Cardsharp Monkey
It's calmed down a bit. But it still keeps getting in the way!


Half-Wild Mandrake
A savage pet, invaluable in a fight. If it would only shut the Christ up occasionally.


Salt Weasel
A rare and exotic creature from the Pale Wastes north of the Iron Republic. In contrast to the local varieties, Salt Weasels are notoriously guileless and naive.


Albino Rat
Elegant as a silver screwdriver.


Adopted-ish Daughter
Adopted daughter, ruthless criminal adventuress, whatever. A useful woman to have around, anyway.


Unfinished Hat
You never, ever want to put this hat on your head.


Dreamy Raven Advisor
It claims access to secret knowledge. But it's probably just a vivid imagination. Nice turn of phrase, though. [Use a Primaeval Hint in your inventory to develop your Advisor further.]


Philosophical Raven Advisor
What a great many impressive words it knows. It likes to perch atop your bust of Nerva and employ those impressive words in preaching about your 'anthropocentrism'. But it's an insightful creature. [Use a Primaeval Hint to continue its evolution.]

  • Watchful +6, Persuasive +2
  • Gained by using a Primaeval hint on the Dreamy Raven Advisor.


Pristine Raven's Egg
Delicately armorial. Incubate it among books.

  • Gained by using a Primeval Hint on the Philosophical Raven Advisor.


Mystic Raven Advisor
It won't eat flesh at all any more: only seeds and, fortunately, fungus. And It only speaks in poetry. But what poetry! The sound of its voice provokes images in the heart of fires. Sometimes those images are true.


Wary Raven Advisor
Be careful. Watch the exits. I mislike this place. [You can improve your Advisor further by feeding it a Diary of the Dead.]


Unscrupulous Raven Advisor
What's the angle for us? Is there an angle with a nice juicy corpse-brain? Haven't had brain in days. [Use a Diary of the Dead to continue its evolution.]

  • Shadowy +6, Watchful +2
  • Gained by using a Diary of the Dead on the Wary Raven Advisor.


Devious Raven Advisor
Look at it this way. He's with us or against us. But he doesn't know that. And she doesn't understand that. Trust me. We're going to make a profit here.

Neathy Pokemon


Somnolent Hyaena
More a lullaby than a laugh.


Plated Seal
Playful. Heavily armored. Cheerful. Psychotic.


Regal and threatening. But, dear God, the smell…


Rubbery Hound
What did they do to this adorable horror?

  • Watchful +1
  • Obtained in Flute Street by the Come Here, Hound Storylet at Time Passing in Flute Street 9 as a part of the Theological Husbandry Story


Hound of Heaven
Gently glowing, the serpent has a nose for devils.


Corresponding Ocelot
Eye-watering sigils occasionally form in his fur. Writes impassioned letters to the press. Enjoys a belly rub.

  • Watchful +2, Persuasive +2
  • unlocks "Your Corresponding Ocelot is listless" opportunity card
  • Obtained from fate-locked continuation of Theological Husbandry


Ocular Toadbeast
The fog swirls thick around it. The Neath itself would hide those eyes.

  • Shadowy +3
  • unlocks "Your Ocular Toadbeast" opportunity card
  • Obtained from fate-locked continuation of Theological Husbandry


Obdurate Stallion
Nothing will deter him from his path. Including you, often, alas.

  • Dreaded + 2
  • A method of transport. This is, in fact, not //exactly a pet…
  • unlocks "A Pleasant Day for a Ride" opportunity card
  • Obtained from fate-locked continuation of Theological Husbandry//


Slavering Dream-Hound
It followed you home from nightmares, but it's still a good dog.

  • Dangerous +2 Shadowy +2
  • unlocks "Your Dream-Hound" opportunity card
  • Obtained from fate-locked continuation of Theological Husbandry


Bifurcated Owl
Feed it only the most terrible secrets

Connection Pets


Bandaged Raven
A rare black Surface raven, rescued from death by a Tomb-colonist long ago.


Partisan Messenger Tortoise
They'll never see this one coming.


Subtle Mole
A shy creature, good at digging out secrets.


Tell-Tale Beetle
This little fellow likes to keep a vigil at night. Which can come in handy.


Preening Macaw
This diabolical bird is more concerned with appearance than any Society lady


Grubby Kitten
What an adorably bedraggeld little thing.


Disappointing Marsh-Wolf
He's a bit old softy, really. More's the pity.


Racing Slug of Fine Pedigree
This is no ordinary slug. This is a thoroughbred.


Hungover Terrier
This dog has probably had enough absinthe to last a lifetime.


Maverick Bloodhound
Rules be d——d. This trusty hound will do whatever it takes to get the job done.


Taciturn Mynah
This bird can talk. She simply chooses not to talk.

Holidy Companions


Dark-Carapaced Crustacean
A lumpen, vicious, scuttling thing, patched with fur and fronded with light-tipped tendrils. It moves as if in pain. It's savage, and oddly loyal. It smells faintly of fish.

  • Dangerous +3, Bizarre +1
  • Obtained through successfully feeding An Unusual Pail of So-Called Snow (obtained during the Christmas 2012 season) to either a Malevolent Monkey or a Talkative Rattus Faber.


Rose-bearing Maggot
Some poor besotted admirer has trained this bone-chewing invertebrate to bring you a rose. Or is it a veiled insult?


Canny Costermonger
It's very easy to underestimate this one. You think she rather likes that.


Neurasthenic Assassin
A sensitive soul who can't stand bright lights or loud noises. Which is why he went into this line of work, but it does limit his effectiveness.


The Pirate Poet
Every yard of her clay skin is crammed with tattooed poetry. "Wrote it myself." She looks you up and down. "Think you're worth a verse?"
Persuasive +2, Dangerous +2


Watchful Doll
I love my love with an I. Because these eyes follow my love EVERYWHERE. I hate my enemy with an H. My enemy knows why.


Presbyterate Diplomat
I had a promotion to the Mortality College coming, and then I was intemperate. Now I find myself adrift in this silly little civilisation. I get so bored. Can you help with that?


Affable Spy
Are you using her more than she's using you or is she using you more than you're using her?

From Failbetter


Rubbery Associate
He's not much actual use. But he has a certain pulpous charm.

  • No effect - Obtained as a gift from the admins, usually for spotting a major bug or exploit


Rubbery Conspirator
So innocent. And yet strangely devious. Who really knows what goes on behind those tentacles?

  • Shadowy +1
  • Obtained as a gift from the admins for "feedback above and beyond the call of duty"


Lest ve forget.

  • Dangerous +1, Persuasive -1
  • Unavailable - a gift and an in-joke for some of the very early adopters

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