Collecting Clues for the Clay Coalman
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Collecting Clues for the Clay Coalman

The following actions are in Watchmaker's Hill.


The Clay Man Coalman Delivers

The Clay Man Coalman delivers fuel to your lodgings every Tuesday. Today, dust falls from his arms as he struggles under two hundredweight sacks of nutty slack for the Medusa's Head.

Give the fellow a hand

Your good deed for the day. Or a chance to show off your Olympian physique. Whichever.
Unlocked with Dangerous 3


The Clay Man Coalman Needs Your Help


Can you help the fellow?

The first step is to shake down the local villains.
Unlocked with Dangerous 8
Dangerous challenge.


Coal Dust and Secrets

An Indolent Flâneur is talking about the Clay Man Coalman…'You know he's only saving those secrets to bring in another of his kind to London. That's all we need…'
unlocked with Collecting Clues for the Clay Coalman 2

Show him a little knuckle

Perhaps this fellow knows something about your Clay friend's missing secrets. A bit of menace should see whether he does.
unlocked with Dangerous 13
Dangerous challenge


Someone is Asking for a Beating

The Sneering Dragsman calls out in the street, 'So, found your Clay mate's secrets yet?…Didn't think so!'
unlocked with Collecting Clues for the Clay Coalman 3

Drub the villain!

The fog-quieted street is empty of Constables and other irritants. Administer the lesson.
unlocked with Dangerous 18
Dangerous challenge


The Clay Man Coalman and the Notorious Strikebreaker

The Strikebreaker is a strong-arm man who works for Mr Fires, and has a grudge against Clay Men. What to do?
clayman4small.png [Unlocked with Collecting Clues for the Clay Coalman 4]

Leave well enough alone

The Clay Man Coalman will have to just find more secrets. You're not going to annoy the establishment on his behalf.

Put the boot in

Someone needs to stand up for Clay Men. And people who mess with your acquaintances should know better.

_ Dangerous challenge

Trading Secrets

You have returned the Clay Man Coalman's secrets to him…They've been missing so long that he's having second thoughts about what to do with them. How do you advise him?
unlocked with Collecting Clues for the Clay Coalman 5

Option 1: Stick with his original plan

Companionship is important, and Clay Men find it harder going than most. Bring one of his fellows over from Polythreme.

Option 2: The finer things in life

There are more important things. Such as fine living, wine, the theatre and so forth. Introduce your Coalman to the finer things.

Option 3: Donate to the Cause

The abuse heaped upon innocent Clay Men cannot be tolerated. When the revolution comes, all workers will be equal. For the Revolution!

Option 4: A start towards getting an education

The Clay Man Coalman isn't stupid - he can write for a start. But he's not used to thinking in abstracts and he has no formal schooling. Encourage him to better himself.

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