Clothing available at the Bazaar


Ragged Clothing
Barely enough to preserve the wearer's modesty.


Sober Dress
Suitable for someone who doesn't want to be noticed by the wrong other kind of someone.


Workman's Clothes
Rough but serviceable. As worn by the more respectable kind of labourer, and people who definitely haven't just escaped from prison.


Rough Gown
This gown has seen hard wear… and survived it.


Bloodstained Suit
Grey-dyed second-hand nankeen. It's seen one too many nights at the Medusa's Head. That may even be some of your blood on there.


Glad Rags
Trimmed with tattered ribbons and dyed quite a courageous colour.


Shabby Opera Cloak
The years and the moths haven't been kind. But this is still a garment that enhances the pose and the sweep.


Maidservant's Uniform
They won't respect you. But they will overlook you.


Faded Morning Suit
Desperation clings to this like dust. Actually, perhaps this is dust. No matter how often you launder it, that sadness clings.


Battered Grey Overcoat
Keeps you warm and hides a multitude of sins. It's not entirely inelegant, although perhaps you shouldn't wear it to the Ambassador's Ball.

  • Persuasive +2
  • 12 Echoes, 80 pence (sells for 6 Echoes, 40 pence)


Stained Red Velvet Gown
Not what it was, but once it was something special.

  • Persuasive +2
  • 12 Echoes, 80 pence (sells for 6 Echoes, 40 pence)


Black Felt Garments
Warm, dark and unobtrusive, like a stealthy cup of cocoa in a darkened back street.

  • Shadowy +2
  • 12 Echoes, 80 pence (sells for 6 Echoes, 40 pence)


Gentleman's Athletic Support
Discreet but firm. Just like you.

  • Dangerous +2
  • 12 Echoes, 80 pence (sells for 6 Echoes, 40 pence)


Respectable Grey Gown
Suitable for a lady of restraint and dignity, or a gentleman of highly specialised tastes.


Dignified Tailcoat
A sombre aura of gravitas hangs around this garment like a cloud of courteous but severe bats.


Corsetted Dress
Enough whalebone and sprung steel to stop a blade. Does wonders for the figure, too.


Morning Suit
Brisk and clean. The attire of clerks, diplomats, and the livelier sort of solicitor.


Formidable Gown
Propriety so stiff one could beat a presumptuous maid with it.


Ratskin Suit
There are those as looks down on your 'umble ratskin. But your 'umble ratskin is hard-wearin', it's waterproof, and it's remarkable warm. And silk comes out of a worm's arse.


Elegant Emerald Gown
The exact shade of the green ray that haunts the sunset. So they say. All greens are a little subdued by gas-light, but this does rather well.


Distinguished Gentleman's Outfit
A garment of quality, cut for a gentleman of quality. No interior gentleman is currently guaranteed, however.


Night-Trimmed Frock Coat
Trimmed with a fabric that absorbs light like water. The effect is dramatic, but the weight can be troublesome by the evening's end.


Magnificent Midnight-Blue Evening Gown
A masterpiece of twilit sophistication.


Far Khanate Lacquered Armour
Fashioned in the nations of the easternmost Unterzee. Each chitinous segment a perfect slab of hardened night. Note: at social events, this constitutes fancy dress.


Smock of Four Thousand Three Hundred and Eight Pockets
Each pocket contains an instrument of highly specific utility. Marvel at the Salt-Lens, at the Trip-Clock, at the Mangler-Piece.


Sumptuous Dandy's Outfit Hours of preparation, just to be sure you're never caught looking in a mirror. Worth every second.


Exquisite Ivory Gown
Wear with care: this may inspire envy to a dangerous degree.


Parabola-Linen Suit
Flax grows beside the river where nightmares spawn. This suit's tailor claims to have used it in his work. An ambery light throbs within, as if you could wipe its surface clear and see another place…


Parabola-Linen Frock
Flax grows beside the river where nightmares spawn. This gown was spun from those fibres, and a sunset light glows through the fabric, as if through fog. The effect is striking, if eery.

Clothing not available at the Bazaar


Fourth City Rags
This threadbare garment whispers to you in your dreams. When you wake, sometimes you remember.


Academic Gown
To achieve this distinction, you have certainly proved your Watchfulness. Black is the colour of academic respectability. It billows impressively when you run, too.


Neddy Suit
'Yer basic tatty suit, wiv deep pockets an' a little loop for yer stick…'


Anarchist's Sable
'He whose sable arms, black as his purpose, did the night resemble…'


Moderately Co-operative Clothes Colony
'We shall complete you! You will delight in wearing us!'

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