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This page attempts to keep a list of the several page categories in use on this wiki. It can be hard to find those specialty pages in the "List All Pages" link and you sometimes forget what a macro is called. For the macros (includes), an example and list of parameters is given.

This was a pain to put together. I'd love to find a way to list all categories used in a wiki. Haven't found it yet.

"box" [[include]] macros

There are several kinds of boxes. There are three general kinds: location-specific, text-only and text-image. They all float to the right and some of the kinds of boxes are available in different colors.

Kinds of boxes

The one to the right is a location-specific kind of box. They have a standard background ("bg") color and the name of the location is a link to its page on the wiki.

Usage: [[include box-bg:veilgarden]]
(If there isn't one available for a specific location, you could make one.)

box-gold text=text

To the left of this block is an example of a text-only box. This kind of box is available in with at least background ("bg") or gold colors. (There is no reason more cannot be created.) The gold one is used to highlight gold storylets and is shown here.

Usage: [[include box-gold:text text=text]]
Your text will be automatically bolded.
(You can add some other formatting to your text but note that you cannot use the vertical bar {"|") because of the limitations of the wikidot syntax. In practice, that means you can't specify a color.)

This is a box that includes both an image and a link to another page and is used to highlight storylets that belong to a particular story, especially when more than one location is involved. (You can see these in the pages for Veilgarden where storylets associated with The Curate and his Sister use this box. This kind of box is available in several colors and silver is shown here, just to be different. (Refer to the list below.)

Usage: [[include box-silver:image-story image=image | story=story]]
Your image must include the file type (example: bananasmall.png)
Your story must include the syntax for a link ("[[[" and "]]]") and will be automatically bolded.
(You can add some other formatting to your story but you cannot use the vertical bar {"|") either in formatting or link specification because of the limitations of the wikidot syntax.)

Colors of boxes

This section are the "box" include files ordered by color. All of the boxes defined in this wiki are listed.


Background ("bg") color

File: box-bg:bsidestreets (Bsidestreets)

File: box-bg:carnival (Carnival)

File: box-bg:image (Image)

File: box-bg:image-story (image-story)

File: box-bg:lbroad (Lbroad)

File: box-bg:spite (Spite)

File: box-bg:the-university (The University)

File: box-bg:veilgarden (Veilgarden)

File: box-bg:whill (Whill)


Silver color

File: box-silver:image-story (image-story)

File: box-silver:text (Floating box (right) with just text)


Gold color

File: box-gold:image-story (Floating box (right) with image-story)

File: box-gold:text (Floating box (right) with just Text)


Red (ruby) color

File: box-red:image-story (Floating box (right) with image-story)

Jump Bar include files

text needed here

File: jump-bar:bazaar (Jump Bar for Bazaar)

File: jump-bar:carnival (Jump Bar for Carnival)

File: jump-bar:core (Jump Bar Core)

File: jump-bar:court (Jump Bar for The Empress' Court)

File: jump-bar:docks (Docks)

File: jump-bar:flit (Jump Bar for Flit pages)

File: jump-bar:labyrinth (Jump Bar for The Labyrinth of Tigers)

File: jump-bar:ladybones-road (Jump Bar for Ladybones Road)

File: jump-bar:mahogany-hall (Jump bar for Mahogany Hall)

File: jump-bar:more (Jump Bar More)

File: jump-bar:palace (Jump Bar for The Shuttered Palace)

File: jump-bar:quarter (Jump Bar for Forgotten Quarter)

File: jump-bar:sidestreets (Jump Bar for Bazaar Sidestreets)

File: jump-bar:spite (Jump Bar for Spite)

File: jump-bar:university (Jump Bar for The University)

File: jump-bar:veilgarden (Jump Bar for Veilgarden)

File: jump-bar:watchmaker-s-hill (Jump Bar for Watchmaker's Hill)

Special pages

These are special kinds of pages, such as Ventures and Comissions. They end up being in their own categories because of the way that they are referred to in game. (Example: "Commission: Find the Blue Banana for the Empress".)

The category "master" is a special case that applies to all pages in the wiki. The only file here is "template" which includes the copyright notice. The category "snippet" are jpages that discuss code snippets.

File: commission:a-royal-portrait (Commission: A Royal Portrait)

File: commission:defend-the-clay-men-against-jack-of-smiles (Commission: defend the Clay Men against Jack-of-Smiles)

File: commission:immortalise-jack-of-smiles-in-another-penny-dread (Commission: Immortalise Jack-of-Smiles in another penny dreadful!)

File: commission:praising-fungus-in-verse (Commission: Praising Fungus in Verse)

File: commission:write-about-prisoner-s-honey (Commission: Write about prisoner's honey)

File: master:template (master:template)

File: menace-eradication-contract:destroy-ferocious-rat (Menace Eradication Contract: Destroy Ferocious Rat)

File: menace-eradication-contract:sorrow-spider-infestation (Menace Eradication Contract: Sorrow-Spider Infestation)

File: missing-person:absconding-devil (Missing Person: Absconding Devil)

File: seduction:a-rising-artist (Seduction: A Rising Artist)

File: seduction:a-rising-artist-s-model (Seduction: A Rising Artist's Model)

File: seduction:artist (Seduction: Artist)

File: seduction:artist-s-model (Seduction: Artist's Model)

File: seduction:honey-sipping-heiress (Seduction: Honey-sipping heiress)

File: seduction:honey-sipping-jewel-thief (Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief)

File: snippet:challenge (Challenge Snippet)

File: snippet:highlighting-special-actions (Highlighting Special Storylets)

File: snippet:indicating-fate-locked-content (Indicating Fate-Locked Content)

File: snippet:jump-bar (Jump Bar)

File: snippet:special-action-page-decoration (Special Action Page Decoration)

File: snippet:three-card-page-decoration (Three-card Page Decoration)

File: surveillance-contract:find-a-tattooed-messenger-s-contact (Surveillance Contract: Find a Tattooed Messenger's contact)

File: surveillance-contract:starving-poet (Surveillance Contract: Starving Poet)

File: venture:uncover-hidden-tattoos (Venture: Uncover hidden tattoos)

File: villainy:area-diving (Villainy: Area-Diving)

File: villainy:steal-paintings-for-the-topsy-king (Villainy: Steal Paintings For The Topsy King)

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