Things To Do at Mrs Plenty's Most Distracting Carnival...

To Obtain Tickets for the Carnival

Do you have your tickets? You'll need tickets!



Buy tickets to the Carnival

The carnival stalls accept tickets…

Buy a ticket with moon-pearls

Mrs. Plenty likes moon-pearls. She wears enough of them to keep a dozen clock-makers in business.
moonpearlsmall.png [Unlocked with 50 x Moon-pearl]

Buy tickets with whispered secrets

Madame Shoshana is, you are assured, the Neath's most mystical fortune-teller. And it's positively uncanny how much she knows. Secrets are her business; whisper some in her ear and she'll reward you.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.
whispered_secretsmall.png [Unlocked with 40 x Whispered Secret]

Buy tickets with Cryptic Clues

Madame Shoshana knows the values of all secrets. She knows when to reveal them, and when to save them. Come closer and tell her some of the things you know. You won't regret it.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.
crypticsecretsmall.png [Unlocked with 20 x Cryptic Clue]

Steal some tickets

'Pay for tickets to the carnival? Oh ho! How droll you are. The very idea!'

_ Shadowy challenge

Exchange an Amber Carnival Token for tickets

(But it's so pretty!)
amber2small.png [Unlocked with 1 x Amber Carnival Token]

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