Bullbone Island

Your opportunity deck is not available here; however when you return to Zee any cards that were in your hand will still be there. The Bazaar is accessible on Bullbone Island. There is no penalty for having Suspicion or Nightmares at or above 8 here.

Orthos is Coming! 0-4


Bullbone Island

Steamers keeping a regular schedule don't stop at Bullbone Island. Barely anyone lives here. Zailors tell of trees that dance, reaching upwards for a moon that never appears.

The bones of Bullbone

Near the shoreline, bones pile up like rookery rubbish. You could have a rummage in the larger heaps.
Watchful challenge, 71% at 142

Wild bees

There are a few hives of wild lamplighter bees scattered around Bullbone Island. You could raid them for wax if you're feeling brave.
Watchful challenge, 71% at 142

Orthos is Coming! 4-5


The Little Cave

You'd have missed the low cave altogether had there not been a jumble of half-carved stone outside it. It looks like the mason never finished the work.

Oho - a little writing

The entrance is just big enough for your shoulders. Your lamp illuminates writing on the wall inside. No choice but to wriggle in on your belly.
Watchful challenge, 69% at 142

Weasels about

Weasels scurry and undulate around the cave. What are they up to?
Watchful challenge, 69% at 142

Orthos is Coming 6: He has Landed!!


Where the Wild Mandrakes Grow

Up at the centre of Bullbone Island grows a circle of bottle-green trees. Only they're not trees. They're mandrakes.

Creaking in the breeze

Up at the centre of Bullbone Island grows a circle of bottle-green trees. Only they're not trees. They're mandrakes.
Watchful challenge, 68% t 142

Someone lives near the mandrake-copse

Someone is nimble and fleet. You spot a top hat moving through the undergrowth. Who's there?
Watchful challenge, 68% at 142

Orthos is Coming! 7 - He has Landed!!


Sparkling around the Copse

The ground sparkles around the great mandrake trunks. There's glim here. Perhaps the mandrakes' screams rattled it loose.

Acquisition and screaming

There's a small fortune in glim around the lethal trunks. The trick is to notice when they're about to become vocal.
Watchful challenge, 67% at 142

Looking up

Glim comes from the cavern roof. Your gaze chances upwards. The pattern of the 'stars' is different to the constellations one sees in London. Perhaps someone would pay for a chart.
Watchful challenge, 67% at 142

Orthos is Coming! 8


The Unterzee Waits Silently

A sepulchral calm. The sea is an oily black mirror. You find yourself holding your breath.

Creeping closer

Tonight, the mandrakes will scream. Will you be close enough to hear the tiniest echoes?
Watchful challenge, 67 % 142


Spiritual happenings

The mandrakes' screeches echo from their copse at night. But are they the only unearthly voices you're hearing? Some sounds seem to come from the other side of the island.

Search the island

Some of the braver crew are willing to hold a vigil with you. What will you find if you cross the island?
Watchful challenge, 67% at 142

Orthos is Coming! 9 - He is Here!!


Gather the Riches of Bullbone Island

Building your academic reputation can wait. Right now, you're more concerned with matters of money.

Making money

You set up your blackboard and easel. You instruct your crew in safe glim-collecting. Let's see if you can bag yourself a mandrake. A baby one.


Finish your notes on Bullbone Island

You can see the lights of ships out to see. Orthos must be near. You'll have to leave soon.

Write up your notes

The singular biology of Bullbone Island will make a fine subject for your monographs. It's just a matter of writing it all down.

Orthos is Coming! 10- He is Here!!


Orthos Has Found You

The Fleet of Truth is hard at your heels. Though he's probably safe back in London, you can feel his breath on your neck.

Time to go

The 'private gentlemen' of Orthos' Fleet of Truth are footpads, recidivists and pirates. And they're here in battalions. Time to go.

Tarry a little

Surely you have a little more time before the ships come. These zailors are worrywarts. [There is some risk of losing some of your research notes.]
(A matter of luck: pretty good odds.)

Cut it fine

Orthos? He's a floppy jellyfish of a creature. He'll not trouble you much. [There is some risk of losing some of your research notes.]
(A matter of luck: the odds are against you here.)

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