Bronze Bordered Cards
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Bronze Bordered cards start and continue multi-card storylets.

Not all of the cards for any given storylet are known and new ones show up from time to time, so this is a work in progress. Some series of bronze bordered cards have moved to their own storylet pages, either accessible from this page or from the storylets page.

In December 2013, Failbetter changed the borders on some cards. More cards may now appear Bronze.

Some Story Qualities associated with these storylets now have descriptors. These may be found either on the individual storylet's page or here.

Investigating the Secrets of St Dunstan's


Investigating St Dunstan's

It seems that a ring of spirifers - soul smugglers is using St Dunstan's church as a base.
[Unlocked with Watchful 55, investigating the Secrets of St Dunstan's 3]

On holy ground

Nobody is paying you, but an investigator of your calibre needs answers, nevertheless.
A challenge for your Watchful quality.
silhouettemansmall.png [Unlocked with 10 x Inkling of Identity]
crypticsecretsmall.png [Unlocked with 10 x Cryptic Clue]


The corrupt vicar

The vicar of St Dunstan's has been dealing in souls, and not in a way the Church approves of.
[Unlocked with Watchful 65, investigating the Secrets of St Dunstan's 4]

A slippery man of the cloth

The vicar has so far eluded you. You will apprehend him yet!

_ Watchful challenge

Exacting the Urchins' Vengeance


Fate of Urchins

Unlocks: Shadowy 21
You happen across an alley where street children have been rounded up and are being attacked by a gang of hired thugs.

Leap in

You've done some unsavoury things, but this is too much. The thugs are distracted, so an ambush is in order

None of my concern

This is the work of honest criminals. On the other hand, there might be some hush money in it.


Revenge for urchins

[Unlocked with Shadowy 33, exacting the Urchins' Vengeance 1]
You found out who ordered the urchins to be attacked. It is time to pay a visit.

Out of the shadows

The gang boss awaits, fat on the profits of villainy.
A challenge for your Shadowy quality.


The Baronet

Unlocks: Shadowy 45, exacting the Urchins' Vengeance 3
You have discovered when the Baronet is visiting a mistress. You plan to be there: vengeance for the murdered urchins shall be had!

Ambush in the boudoir

Leaping out from behind the velvet curtains is hardly sporting, but one does what one must.


Hosting an Inconvenient Aunt

You've decided to invite your maiden aunt to the Neath. What could go wrong? You can find out on its own page.


the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor

Who is this person? Why are they being so generous? What do they want? You may find clues on its own page.

Ascending the Reliables list of Mr Pages


An interview with Mr. Pages

Unlocks: Watchful 45
Mr. Pages is a Master of the Bazaar, dealing with the printed word in all its forms.

The Reliables

Mr. Pages keeps many lists. One of them concerns the Reliables - those who have proven themselves as useful investigators and researchers. Should you be on that list?


A case for a Reliable

Unlocks: Watchful 57, ascending the Reliables list of Mr Pages 1
Mr. Pages, the Master of the Bazaar who deals in printed matter, has work for you. It seems that a valuable book has been stolen from its extensive stacks.

First case for Mr. Pages

The thief smashed a thick bronze-bound door to matchwood and left a considerable mess in the stacks before making off. However, Mr. Pages claims that only one book is missing. To the chase!


There are the thieves!

Those two Unfinished Clay Men are the ones that took Mr. Pages' book! You're sure of it!
[Unlocked with Watchful 69, ascending the Reliables list of Mr Pages 2]

Confront them!

They are about to disappear into a highly exclusive spire of the Bazaar - which is a mystery in itself. This may be your only chance!
A challenge for your Watchful quality.

An Umpire of the Game of Knife-and-Candle


A note from Mr. Iron, who oversees the Game of Knife-and-Candle

Knife-and-Candle umpires are under strength, again. Your name has been proposed. Prove your ability to be considered.
[Unlocked with Dangerous 45 and Dangerous no more than 75]

A practical test

The test involves making off with the candles of five players without being wounded. Few outside the very highest reaches of the sport can manage such a feat of arms.

_ Dangerous challenge

'To hell with this!'

'No thank you, Mr. Iron. I have very little wish to play referee to a mob of murderous overgrown schoolboys with knives…'

My ability is proven

'Sir! I am of the Officer rank. As you are aware, this grants me the status of an umpire without recourse to testing…'
knifeandcandlesmall.png [Unlocked with Knife-and-Candle Rank 13]

Another note from Mr Iron

Unlocks: Dangerous 57, an Umpire of the Game of Knife-and-Candle 1
'A Knife-and-Candle player is attacking civilians. Smiles may be involved. Deal with before Constables or journalists become involved.'

The umpire takes the field

Smiles, eh? Well, he's no more dangerous than the average player. Out into the darkness, then.


A further note from Mr Iron

Unlocks: Dangerous 69, an Umpire of the Game of Knife-and-Candle 2
'Two veteran players having dispute over the game. Civilian casualties now eight. Two shops burned down. Citizens are concerned. Deal with it.'

Murder them

Persuade them to disarm, then just stab the blackguards. It should increase your Knife-and-Candle rank at least. Although there will be repercussions.

Break some heads

When you catch up to the miscreants, they are duelling with antique claymores down the length of Moloch Street. This will have to be done the hard way.

Pull rank

Your exalted rank guarantees the respect of Knife-and-Candle players. Surely you need only to remind them politely of proper comportment.
Requires Knife-and-Candle Rank 13


Associating with Radical Academics

This story is collected on its own page.

Plotting Against the Masters


A commission from anarchists [Standard]

A group of revolutionaries has heard of your reputation for stealth and cunning…
Unlocked with Shadowy 45, Connected: Revolutionaries 15

For the cause!

The corrupt Masters of the Bazaar have held the government of London captive for too long. You will do this, for no other reason than it needs to be done.

For the money!

You are no believer in anarchists' causes. However, they do pay decently and the work is challenging. This is a job of work, nothing more.

Refuse them

Betray the Masters of the Bazaar? That would hardly be wise. You will pass this particular job by, no matter how disappointed the anarchists may be.

Inform the Constables

You never liked anarchists. There's probably a reward in it for you, and it might well help with legal matters in general.


A commission from anarchists

Unlocks: Shadowy 55, Plotting Against the Masters 1
The anarchists you agreed to work for have been in touch. The job: sneak into a silk warehouse belonging to Mr. Veils, the Master of the Bazaar who deals in textiles, and burn it down.

Down to business

Your target is a bustling silk warehouse near the Spite markets. It will be ashes by morning.

I have changed my mind

Refuse the job. Arson in the name of anarchy is not my way. There may be people in there!


They're coming for you!

Unlocks: Shadowy 69, Plotting Against the Masters 2
You burned a silk warehouse down for an anarchist cell. They must have been infiltrated! The coppers are coming!

Run! Hide! To the Flit!

Those hideaways that the anarchists told you about will be compromised by now, but you can find sanctuary in the spires and walkways of the Flit.
(requires Route: The Flit 1)
WARNING: Failure in this storylet will increase Plotting Against the Masters to 3 anyway, and increase Suspicion to 5!

It's a fair collar, and no mistake, but society is to blame

You could throw yourself on the mercy of the Masters' courts. You've got a good lawyer.


A Zailor in the Making

Discover the Unterzee. Cards associated with this storylet can be found on its own page.

On the Trail of the Cheesemonger


An evening of drink and intrigue

The tavern isn't far from Clathermont's tattoo parlour. It's expensive for Ladybones Road, but one does hear interesting things sometimes.
Unlocked with Persuasive 24, Connected: The Great Game 3

That group nursing a bottle near the fireplace…

They are couriers involved with the Great Game. Perhaps they'll accept a few drinks.
Unlocked: 12 x Greyfields 1879
(Persuasive challenge, modest at 32)


A day at the library

It's one of the university's more accessible libraries. Nothing too radical here, but a pleasant way to pass a day.
Unlocks: Watchful 24, Connected: the Great Game 3

A bookmark

This book on cryptology is well thumbed. One might even think that the local spies have been doing their homework. What's this? A loose paper has fallen out of the book.
(Watchful challenge, modest at 32, chancy at 29)



You are struggling through the dense crowds outside a popular theatre when you feel a larcenous hand upon your person. Your pocket has been picked!
[Unlocked with Dangerous 24, Connected: the Great Game 3]

After him!

The thief is a skinny young wretch. Too old to be in the urchin gangs, but he'll still have an easier time than you moving through the thick crowd.

_ Dangerous challenge


A little eavesdropping

Passing near the embassies at Hastings Place, you see two elegant strollers in hushed conversation.
Unlocked with Shadowy 24, Connected: The Great Game 3

Follow them

The air is still and the streets quiet. Perfect conditions for eavesdropping.
Shadowy challenge


Who Knows the Cheesemonger?

Perhaps the intelligence officers, ne'er-do-wells and diplomats who play the Great Game can tell you more.
Unlocks: On the Trail of the Cheesemonger 2

Ask about the Cheesemonger

A few of these people owe you favours, don't they? You could hang around the Weeping Harold statue at Hastings Place and see who walks past.
Unlocks: Connected: the Great Game 3, a challenge for your Connected: the Great Game quality. (Almost impossible at 3)


What do the urchins know?

Those rosy-cheeked ragamuffins hear things. Perhaps they know about the Cheesemonger.
Unlocks: On the Trail of the Cheesemonger 2

Perhaps dinner will do the trick

Urchins are always hungry. Matters might go better if you bring something for the pot.
Unlocks: Connected: Urchins 1, 50 x Rat on a String
(Connected: Urchins challenge; chancy at 1)


The Cheesemonger?

The Cheesemonger seems to be connected with the Great Game.
Unlocks: On the Trail of the Cheesemonger 2

Spies and couriers

Perhaps your contacts at the sharp end of the Great Game can tell you more. You may have to do them some favours.
Unlocked with Connected: The Great Game 3
(Connected: The Great Game 3 challenge; modest at 8)


Out of a job

A spy of your acquaintance has been discovered. He'll need to run for the surface.
Unlocks: on the Trail of the Cheesemonger 3, Jade Fragment x 200

Cutting a deal

If you can provide a travelling purse, you might learn some interesting things.


The spy with the hat

Her. The one with the perplexing hat. You've seen her about in places she should not be.
Unlocks: On the Trail of the Cheesemonger 3

Strolling at a discreet distance

She's involved with the Great Game. Perhaps she works for the Cheesemonger. Following spies is never easy, but this could be worth it.


The sign of the looped wire

Cheese is quite the luxury these days. Especially surface cheese, but even the horse-cheese and slug-curds of the deep earth. And here - the sign of the looped cheese wire. The Cheesemonger!
Unlocks: on the Trail of the Cheesemonger 4

A well-known piece in the Game

Might she recognise you? Does your reputation in the Game leave no need for a show of skill?
Unlocks: Connected: The Great Game 12

Just who are you?

The Cheesemonger claims no knowledge of the Great Game. Perhaps you can convince her of your skills and her need for you.


An Agent of the Cheesemonger

Acting as an Agent of the The Cheesemonger can be found on its own page.

Cultivating an acquaintance with His Amused Lordship


His Amused Lordship

Unlocks: Persuasive 69, Route: the Shuttered Palace, Connected: Society 5
While attending a rather vulgar music-hall show, you bump into His Amused Lordship. He is here incognito, but his expensive hat and booming laugh give him away.

Make an impression on His Lordship

A man worth knowing. He has influence at the Shuttered Palace.


A meeting with His Amused Lordship

His Amused Lordship's secretary has left you a message. His Lordship has a free afternoon and wishes you to call upon him at the Palace.
[Unlocked with cultivating an acquaintance with His Amused Lordship 1, Persuasive 81 (no upper limit)]

Go to the Palace

Hopefully you can cultivate an acquaintance of some sort with His Lordship. Apart from his tastes in low humour, you know little of the man, however…

_ Persuasive challenge

A meeting of minds

Unlocks: cultivating an acquaintance with His Amused Lordship 2, Persuasive 93
An impromptu meeting of free thinkers and radicals is happening in Veilgarden tonight. Perhaps His Amused Lordship will be there.

Gatecrash the party

Perhaps you can bluff your way in.


Commissioned to Enact Love's Revenge story

The revenge on the faithless rake can be found on its own page.


Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold

An unusual painting catches your attention. You can find out about it on its own page.


Freelance Smuggling

You may have an opportunity to help out a Once-Dashing Smuggler. That Opportunity Card and further cards associated with this storylet can be found on its own page.)


A Nocturnal Visitor To The Palace Cellars

The cellars under the Shuttered Palace are constantly guarded and protected by five doors with five locks. There must be something interesting down there. Opportunity Cards associated with this storylet can be found on its own page.

Surface Ties: Recalling the Surface

knifeting.png heart.png girldaguerrotype.png eye.png Cards for these four related storylets, each invoving remembering people you knew from the surface, can be found on their own pages.

Investigating the Secrets of St Dunstan's


He knows something

Acting as a consulting detective, you are interrogating a suspect.
Unlocked with Watchful 21

And nothing but the truth

The man was involved in some footpadry, but that's not the point. He knows something about an organised crime ring. Will he talk?
(Watchful challenge; almost impossible at 32)



Surely nobody would steal from a church. Probably not. Well, perhaps.
Unlocks: Shadowy 21

The Treasure of St. Dunstan’s

The old church is a little battered and shabby, but there are persistent rumours of wealthy, dapper attendees and a treasure in the crypt. It would take a daring thief to rob a church, though.
(Shadowy challenge; chancy at 35)


Investigating St Dunstan's

It seems that a ring of spirifers - soul smugglers is using St Dunstan's church as a base.
Unlocks: Shadowy 55, investigating the Secrets of St Dunstan's 3

On holy ground

Nobody is paying you, but an investigator of your calibre needs answers, nevertheless.
(Shadowy challenge; chancy at 60)


A Visit from a Cloaked Stranger

unlocked with making progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers 16
A heavy, impatient knock at your door. Special constables wrap their black greatcoats tight against the fog. A Master of the Bazaar has come to see you.

A review of your work

The Masters of the Bazaar have been observing your breeding programme. Mr Hearts wishes to comment on your results.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 125)

Mr Hearts has something for you

[This opportunity will unlock the hidden secrets of the Fourth Coil - four new beasts to breed and call your own. And the terrible truth of the Bishop's plans. A dozen storylets and opportunities of bestial savagery and revenge! You will need to be a Scholar of the Correspondence.]
unlocked with a Scholar of the Correspondence 1


Requires 20 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.


Visiting Clathermont's Tattoo Parlour

Mr. Clathermont is having some difficulties and needs your assistance. Cards for this story are on its own page.


Seeking Information about the Theosophistical Society

Investigations into the the Theosophistical Society become available when you become sufficiently Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion and have access to Mahogany Hall. You can find out more on its own page.


Seeking The Meaning Of The Plaster Face

There's a plaster face on the façade of a house near your lodgings. Cards associated with this storylet can be found on its own page.


Intimate with a Secular Missionary

The Implacable Detective refers a Secular Missionary who needs help to you. Cards associated with this storylet can be found on its own page.


Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand

Increasing your Connected: Revolutionaries has put you in contact with the mysterious Revolutionary Firebrand. Cards associated with this storylet can be found on its own page.


Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant

You may discover that a determined plant has barged its way through the floor of your lodgings. Cards associated with this storylet can be found on its own page.)


Your Very Own Infernal Contract

You seem to have one now. And you no longer seem to have a soul. Cards for this situation can be found on its own page.

A Person of Some Little Consequence

Acting on any of the following four cards will begin the A Person of Some Little Consequence storylet. Selecting any one prevents the others from being played.


A curious coincidence

Unlocks: Dangerous 100 - but you can't play it if A Person of Some Little Consequence is higher than 0

A possible coincidence

Unlocks: Persuasive 100 - but you can't play it if A Person of Some Little Consequence is higher than 0

Probably not a coincidence

Unlocks: Shadowy 100 - but you can't play it if A Person of Some Little Consequence is higher than 0

Almost certainly not a coincidence

Unlocks: Watchful 100 - but you can't play it if A Person of Some Little Consequence is higher than 0

This storylet continues in your Lodgings and is described on its own page

Wilmot's End


A New Move in the Game

A portly man licks the end of his pencil and squints at the paper he carries.
Unlocks: Doing Business in Wilmot's End 4
You must be at Wilmot's End to receive or play

A new tool in the drawer

A new cipher. Italian. Words written down as well as across. Devilish. Can you help?
(Watchful challenge, straightforward at 125)

On the Velocipede Squad

Increasing your Dangerous, and ownership of a Velocipede has put you in contact with the Knuckle-Scarred Inspector, who runs the Velocipede Squad. If you have the qualifications you can find yourself on the Velocipede Squad


The Inspector Calls

The Knuckle-Scarred Inspector hammers at your door with his truncheon. 'Open up! I need to 'ave a little word.'
Unlocks: Dangerous 110, Velocipede x 1

You come highly recommended by the Chief Constable

'The guv'nor sent me round. He said you can help us out. The Velocipede Squad is short-handed…'
Unlocked with Connected: The Constables 30

Your reputation as a pugilist serves you well.

'We're a bit short-handed in the Velocipede Squad right now. And I've heard you're a bit handy when it comes to putting the boot in.'
Unlocked with A Bringer of Death 1
(Dangerous challenge; almost impossible at 111)

You bunged the Chief Constable a monkey.

Expensive tastes in primates, that Chief Constable. But the Velocipede Squad sounds like a fine amusement. And good exercise to boot.
Unlocked with Comprehensive Bribe 1

Polythreme Ho! (Screaming Map)

This card will begin the quest to acquire the Screaming Map and visit Polythreme.


Matters Cartographical

Do you know where you're going?
Unlocks: Route: Wolfstack Docks 1

Boast of your cartographical prowess

There's nothing the cartographers of London like more than an evening of roaring and rum down the Blind Helmsman. Your maps are the best!
(Dangerous Challenge: Straightforward at 86)

Pay a Retired Zee-Captain to tell you about the Screaming Map

They say it's the only safe way to get to Polythreme, where everything is alive. You can obtain Map Scraps by using Glim, or by embarking on a Scientific Expedition.
Unlocks: Map Scrap x 50

This storylet continues in your Lodgings and at Wolfstack Docks is described better in the page for the Screaming Map


The Neath's Mysteries [Standard]

They say the Neath's destiny is bound with these deeper secrets…

A singular phrase

They say that history is seven jewels on a necklace, but two have never been seen. Doesn't one of your friends have a book on the subject?
crypticsecretsmall.png [Unlocked with 20 x Cryptic Clue]
ruinssmall.png [Unlocked with Walking the Falling Cities 1]

A strange sort of prank

You keep seeing something. A flash of vivid green in shop windows and the reflections of gaslamps in puddles. Perhaps you know someone reliable who can help you catch the joker.
crypticsecretsmall.png [Unlocked with 20 x Cryptic Clue]
mirror4small.png [Unlocked with Touched by Fingerwork 1]

Going to the theatre

The show is cancelled, the poster claims. Mahogany Hall - London't most notorious Music Hall and theatre - is closed tonight. You know better. You have two tickets to a secret performance of the forbidden Seventh Letter. Find a friend - you don't want to see that alone.
scrawl1small.png [Unlocked with Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus 1]

Sharing a dream

The same dream again. The lush, bright garden. The half-eaten fruit. The mirror and the panther. And you're not the only one. Who else has had this dream?
skullsmall.png [Unlocked with Approaching the Gates of the Garden 1]


A Dream about a Boat and a Spire

Not your usual kind of dream.
Unlocks: Watchful 100

A gift of sorts

The figure is both the Boatman and a Master of the Bazaar. It has something for you. Something you'll need. Something terrible.

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