Brilliant Soul

Brilliant Soul
This was the soul of someone exceptional. A priest? A poet? A murderer of distinction?
Create this by using Amanita Sherry or Memory of Distant Shores in your inventory
With a high Shadowy you can also steal them in high-profile burglaries from the Flit.
Sells for 50 pence

Using Brilliant Souls

Move your Brilliant Souls on

They rattle and twist in their bottles. It's getting hard to sleep with that going on.


Exchange your souls for brandy

The Infernal Sommelier likes nothing better than to acquire souls of distinction. And the Brass Embassy gives a purchasing account that would impress even a Master.
[This will always gain you Muscaria Brandy. There may be other effects.]
Unlocked with 50 x Brilliant Soul, Connected: Hell 3


Free the souls in exchange for secrets

Where do they go when they're released from the bottles? [This will always gain you Tales of Terror!!]
Unlocked with 50 x Brilliant Soul.

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