Bright Brass Skull
skullbrasssmall.png Bright Brass Skull A dear little trinket of the sort favoured by devils. [Use this to increase your Connected: Hell quality up to 20, and beyond with Fate] - Buy at the Bazaar for 62.50 Echoes, sells for 60.

This curiosity is kept in the "Infernal" section of your inventory. If clicked on, you are taken to this storylet:

Admire your Bright Brass Skull

Isn't it darling?



Polish it with silk

Although the skull is somewhat corrosive, this will bring you luck, so they say.
unlocked with Silk Scrap 150, Connected: Hell 10




Feed it a soul

If you dare. [This will increase your Connected: Hell quality by even more.]


Requires 5 Fate

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