Bottled Oblivion

Bottled Oblivion
What were you doing again?
80 pence, sells for 1 penny

Click on this item in your inventory to access:

A curious tactic

Have you grown too strong, too wise, too cunning, too toothsome for your own good? Disgrace yourself. If for some reason you wish to reduce your primary abilities, this will help. You may sometimes get further rewards, but the key effect here is just to damage your abilities.



Drink Bottled Oblivion

The manufacturing process is a closely guarded secret, although rumour places a vital spring in the Forgotten Quarter. What's certain is that drinking it will do you no end of no good.
Unlocked with 1 x Bottled Oblivion



Parade around town in a hat of a different stripe

Mockery and revilement will ensue. Perhaps that's what you want.
Unlocked with 1 x Ridiculous Hat

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