Boots available at the Bazaar


Scuffed Boots
Keep your toes a small but important distance above the cold cobblestones.

  • 20 pence


Iron Ankle Manacles
Heavy as a wretched memory.

  • 80 pence


Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin
Mr Wines provides stockings to his employees. These are not those stockings. But they are very striking. [Note: the Scandal gained from these may stick.]


Stylish Riding Boots
They gleam magnificently. It would almost be a shame to soil them with anything as rough-and-tumble as actual equestrianism.


Squeakless Boots
Boots that don't squeak: the pre-requisite for a successful career in burglary.

  • Shadowy +2
  • 12 Echoes, 80 pence (sells for 6 Echoes, 40 pence)


Spidersilk Slippers
All spider eggs have most likely been removed.


Savage Hob-nailed Boots
The nails strike satisfying sparks on the cobbled streets. Some will fear you. All will hear you coming.


Masterwork Dancing Slippers
Poise and grace.

  • Persuasive +5
  • 64 Echoes, 80 pence (sells for 32 Echoes, 40 pence)


Ratskin Boots
You know 'ow many rats you 'as to kill to find the right kinds of skins for this? Worth every echo.


Hushed Spidersilk Slippers
The aura of silence that comes with the slippers is a gift for a burglar. But not for an orator. What happens to your words? Do the slipers consume them, grow plumper and sleeker?


Vakeskin Boots
These can't be real. If the Vake isn't mythical, it's certainly not skinnable. But they're made of something interesting: something that glistens like crocodile-skin and squeaks like linoleum.


Kingscale Boots
Scales tiny as a rat's fingernail and bright as beads. What ophidian allure do these exude?

Boots not available at the Bazaar


Mirror-Polished Shoes
Perfect for unobtrusive observation of intricate enigmas

  • Watchful +2
  • Obtained through the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor quality.


Boots of a menacing and slightly soggy quasi-leather. The footfalls of their wearer roll out like the silence before a storm.

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