Bejewelled Lens

Bejewelled Lens
The engineer told you that every last diamond was entirely necessary.
one of the component items one can create at the Bazaar Sidestreets, sells for 12,50 Echoes

Acquiring Bejewelled Lens

You can create a Bejewelled Lens at the Bazaar Sidestreets

Visiting the workshops of the Great Downward Engineering Company
It will cost you:
diamondredsmall.png 1 x Magnificent Diamond
diamondbluesmall.png 10 x Ostentatious Diamond
scrawl1small.png 60 x Correspondence Plaque
Moon-pearlsmall.png 1000 x Moon-pearl

Using Bejewelled Lens

* Acquiring a Ship

submarinesmall.png Assuming you're not using Fate, you will need 7 x Bejewelled Lens in the process of acquiring a Zubmarine.

* Ambition: Heart's Desire

topsysmall.png You will need 1 x Bejewelled Lens to raise your 'Ambition: Heart's Desire - the Topsy King' Quality from 22 to 23.

* Permanent Companion: Courting The Master Jewel Thief

chap2small.png You may use Bejewelled Lens to raise your Courting the Master Jewel Thief quality up to 5 (1 x Bejewelled Lens gives 3 change points)

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