Befriending a Rooftop Urchin
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Befriending a Rooftop Urchin

The following actions are in Spite.


A Cold Night

The icy fog cuts like a sharp word. Best stay inside and shovel coal into the fire.

Mmmm… what? Eh?

The small hours. A noise somewhere in your house. Investigate.

_ Shadowy challenge

The Brazen Urchin Returns

Perhaps that urchin who sometimes perches on your roof will be back with the scraps he promised.
urchinsmall.png [Unlocked with: Befriending a Rooftop Urchin 1]

Check the roof

Was it right to trust an urchin?

_ Shadowy challenge

Robbing the Ruins

The Brazen Urchin peers down from your guttering…'Got a tip for yer. Might be worth yer time, guv.'
urchinsmall.png [Unlocked with: Befriending a Rooftop Urchin 2]

'Wot do yer say?'

'There's a old church I know. Boarded up and that. Should be some candles and stuff inside. Tell you what. You do the heavy stuff, and we'll split the proceeds.'

_ Shadowy challenge

The Brazen Urchin Proposes a Deal

The urchin that haunts your rooftop is back…He peers down, looking like he has something of import to impart.
Unlocks: Befriending a Rooftop Urchin 3

Poor lost mite

'Ive got some good stuff for yer, guv. But I needs yer to track down two people. They's somewhere in Spite. Me ma and me da.' He shows you a ragged, blurry photograph of a young couple dancing.
Unlocks: Shadowy 18
Shadowy challenge


A Good Look at the Brazen Urchin's Parents

They're a handsome couple…But they're hiding out in the squalor of a Spite flophouse and the law's after them.
urchinsmall.png [Unlocked with Befriending a Rooftop Urchin 4]

Take a closer look

They're being careful. But perhaps you're stealthy enough to learn more.

_ Shadowy challenge
catsmall.png [Unlocked with Shadowy 23]

What Will You Tell Him?

You've found that the Brazen Urchin's parents are criminals, hiding out in a flophouse in Spite…What are you going to tell him?
urchinsmall.png [Unlocked with Befriending a Rooftop Urchin 5]

Tell him where they are

No matter what they've done or what state they may be in, the Brazen Urchin deserves to know where his parents are.

Tell him where they are, but caution against seeking them out

You're not going to be dishonest with him. But he should know that they're unlikely to make his life any better.
catsmall.png [Unlocked with Shadowy 28]

Tell him you couldn't find them.

It's for the best.
catsmall.png [Unlocked with Shadowy 28]

Turn them in for the reward

They are criminals. He's best off without them, and society must be protected. This will significantly damage your reputation among criminals and urchins.

After this point, the Rooftop Urchin is available in your Lodgings to point out Shadowy stories you might miss.

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