Things to do in the Bazaar Sidestreets...

…when you are involved in various stories.

Being a Person of Some Importance has its benefits and responsibilities.


As you will discover, several stories open up to you when you've gained access to the Bazaar Sidestreets. These are all generally gold storylets.

This page points to other pages that with those stories and may include a unique storylet here.

This is incomplete. Committed springs to mind.

Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery


Upstairs at the Bridge Without

The crowds are dense and surly today, and you struggle to push your way through against the current. But here are the welcoming smoke-blackened timbers of the pub in question.
Unlocked with Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery 1

In you go

The crowd is thicker inside the pub than out. You elbow your way to the stairs, where a strapping groom stands to let you past.

Gaining A Criminal Reputation

pirategreensmall.png Storylets appear in the Bazaar Sidestreets when you are Gaining a Criminal Reputation.

Shaping Clay

claymansmall.png A storylet, "Familiar Clay Faces", appears in the Bazaar Sidestreets when you find yourself involved in the Shaping Clay Story.

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