Things to do in the Bazaar Sidestreets...


Choose Carefully.



A Rainbow of Offerings

There are those who would seek your good graces. The question is who these petitioners are, and what they can pay. Being A Person of Some Importance has its perks: but you can only play this once. Choose wisely. You may either use it immediately or wait until you need something in particular.

The cold grey men

The auditors and excisemen of the Bazaar shield their eyes as you pass. They won't get in your way. You will receive a single Bazaar Permit and some Legal Documents.
Unlock: Bringer of Death 1

Going over the spoils

You've been squirrelling some of your best spoils away for a rainy day. But your new-found status demands resources. Let's see what we have here… You will receive an assortment of items.
Unlock: Master Thief 1

How sweet of him

Dear old Feducci has sent you a present. Wrapped in black ribbon, of course. You will receive a small number of Cellars of Wine.
Unlock: Fearsome Duellist 1

A scholar returns to the Surface

You think you remember the fellow's name. Didn't he publish a monograph on cryptophilology last year? In any case, he's left you a scribbled letter: "Take it! Take it all! I'm going back to the Surface!" He's also left his research notes and a little something to drink while you read. You will receive Collated Research and Cellars of Wine.
Unlock: Scholar of the Correspondence 3

A reminder of your Wolfstack days

A few spare neddy men and a little leeway from Mr Fires? Or perhaps the assistance and bloody-minded influence of the unions? You will receive some Strong-Backed Labour and a single Bazaar Permit.
Unlock: Veteran of the Battle of Wolfstack Docks 1

Your tattooed friends

Even though you're heading up in the world, your mates down the docks won't forget you. You will receive several Strong-Backed Labour.
Unlock: Zailor in the making 1, Connected: The Docks 20.

Bone fides from your few friends at Court

The business that saw you ejected from the court was shocking and disgraceful. They were shocked; you were disgraced. Still, you have a few friends there willing to vouch for you. You will receive a handful of Personal Recommendations.
Unlock: Banished from the Court 1.

Your family's faithful retainer

She always cared for you, but she hates darkness and is petrified of Bats. Nonetheless, she braved the Neath to bring you your papers. You will receive Legal Documents and a Personal Recommendation.
Unlock: Admitted to the House of Chimes 15


Admission to the House of Chimes requires Fate

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