Bazaar Sidestreets

Extraordinary shops for particular needs.

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What can you find in the Bazaar Sidestreets?

Respectable firms crammed into ramshackle workshops and poky offices. The rent here is astronomical. But the quick and the hungry turn profits in the shadows of the spires. Just keep your eyes off the carvings up high. And whatever you do, don't fall in love.

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There are a number of shops on the Sidestreets from which you can purchase more expensive items that are needed to construct even greater items that simply cannot be obtained at the Bazaar. For example, purchasing a ship to travel the Unterzee will require several things from the Sidestreets. You may want to join a respectable club or get married, too. Again, you will find necessary items here in the Sidestreets.

How does one get to the Bazaar Sidestreets?

When you become A Person of Some Importance the Ambitious Barrister will provide you with a Shaper's Pass to allow you entrance to the Bazaar Sidestreets. (You will gain the Route: Bazaar Sidestreets Quality.)

Bazaar Sidestreets Storylets

The several respectable firms of the Sidestreets are always here. You may find additional storylets for unique purposes from time to time, including some which appear when you become involved in a story. The links below will jump to a new page describing the storylets available in the Forgotten Quarter.

shopfancysmall.png Shops in the Bazaar Sidestreets
furtivehandsmall.png A special storylet that you can only choose once
sidestreetssmall.png Storylets that appear when you are involved in various stories

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