Bazaar Permit

Bazaar Permit
Peculiar and sinister privileges committed to gently rippling paper.
one of the component items one can create at the Bazaar Sidestreets, sells for 12 Echoes, 50 pennies

Acquiring Bazaar Permits

* You can create a Bazaar Permit at the Bazaar Sidestreets

Call at the offices of Baseborn and Fowlingpiece, solicitors at law
It will cost you:
cloudssmall.png 35 x Vision of the Surface
heartsmall.png 250 x Romantic Notion
Total worth for selling the items required for making a Bazaar Permit at the Bazaar: (35 x 0.50) + (250 x 0.10) = 32 Echoes, 50 pennies — the Bazaar Permit itself can be sold for 12 Echoes, 50 pennies

* You can convert Touching Love Stories in your Inventory


A rare business

One of your artist friends has arranged a buyer for you. Mr Spices itself wishes to make a purchase.
[This will always gain you Bazaar Permits. There may be other effects.]
Unlocked with 25 x Touching Love Story, Connected: Bohemian 6

* Enjoying Lethal Prominence

Choosing to face A Rival in Power gives you 1 x Bazaar Permit when your Dramatic Tension raises to 2.

Using Bazaar Permits

* Lodgings: Premises at the Bazaar

placeholder5small.png You may use 50 x Bazaar Permit.

* Acquiring A Ship

shipsmall.png Regardless of the kind of ship you want, you'll need 1 x Bazaar Permit.

* Transport: Clay Sedan Chair

sedansmall.png This will require 1 x Bazaar Permit.

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