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Where is the Bazaar?

The Bazaar is located at the heart of Fallen London, in the Neath, a cavern of impossible size, by the Unterzee, a tremendous saltwater lake. They say it's the skull of some defunct pagan god. That doesn't sound very likely. Although it would explain the dreams.

The Bazaar - does it need a gender?

The Bazaar is traditionally spoken of as if it's a single living thing. Women call it 'he'; men call it 'she'. The Masters of the Bazaar style themselves 'Mr', but no-one seems to think they're actually men.

Sidebar texts.

The Echo Bazaar is the place to buy and sell items and equipment. As you succeed in various challenges you will accumulate various items.

There are items that can only be obtained in the Bazaar and also items that can only be awarded from Opportunity Cards or storylets. The Bazaar is where you barter and trade in some items for new ones. (Some items you obtain over time, for example, keys to Lodgings, can't be sold.)


The Echo, divided into 100 pence, is the currency of the Bazaar. You can only obtain Echos through the Bazaar. And (so far) they are only useful to buy other kinds of items there.

Keep in mind that it generally costs two or three times as much as much to buy something in the Bazaar as the Bazaar will pay for it.

(That's the way it goes. The Masters of the Bazaar closed down their Complaints Desk some time ago. No one seemed to want to complain for some reason.)

Part of the experience in exploring Fallen London is learning where you can obtain certain items or large quantities of items. As the game continues, you'll find that some actions require considerable numbers of certain items. Learning what to accumulate and what to trade in is also part of the game.

On the BAZAAR tab of the main display, you'll see a second set of tabs listing various items you can obtain in the Bazaar and how many Echos and pence they cost. The first tab, MY THINGS is a list of items that you own and can sell in the Bazaar, and will include the price that the Bazaar will pay you for trading in various items.

On this tab, you can easily see which items are unavailable in the Bazaar because there will only be a SELL button and no corresponding BUY button. In the example below, Fourth City Rags cannot be bought at the Bazaar (you can find them in the game, somewhere) but you can buy and sell Ragged Clothing freely.


On this wiki, there is information about all of the known items in the game. The categories of items that can be bought in the Bazaar each have their own page. Refer to the top menu bar for more Items.

Happy shopping!

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