Red Bordered Cards
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Red Bordered cards all automatically play when you select them.

This also called auto-fire. There is no chance to opt out of their effects once you select the card. There are times when this can be extremely inconvenient.

  • A fair amount of the dream cards… Possibly advance the particular dream sequence, possibly increase Nightmares
  • envelopesmall.png An anonymous tip-off. It's not signed. But the information inside might save you a lot of trouble… 1 x Hastily Scrawled Warning
  • placeholder1small.png An evening's drinking with some shady types. Chancy, but no-one's picked your pocket… 1 x Surprise Attack
  • placeholder1small.png Tea with a Dauntless Temperance Campaigner This formidable woman is as widely admired for her generosity and the extraordinary loudness of her voice, but also her intellect… 3 x A Sudden Insight


Exotica: Something rare has been abandoned here

Something is tittering in the darkness of an alley…


Exotica: Something luminous has been abandoned here…

Something green as poisoned grasses shimmers in the gutter…


Exotica: Something sinister has been abandoned here…

Something pale hangs like luminescent fruit in the branches of a tree…

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