Associating With Radical Academics
oldwomansmall.png You have made friends among iconoclasts and free-thinkers.

Obtained through a Bronze-bordered opportunity card


A gathering of scholars

Unlocks: Watchful 69
Academic and scientific knowledge diffuses mostly through learned journals and monographs; but irregular meetings of scholars also play a part.

Attend an assembly of academics

It passes the time. One might even learn something. (Watchful test)



Unusual Academics

Unlocks: Persuasive 81, Associating with Radical Academics 1
You have heard of a secret society that overlaps somewhat with academia. It sometimes sponsors expeditions across the Unterzee.

Finding their works

The society themselves are very secretive. They have been known to discreetly publish, however. Perhaps you can find some of their works.


The Museum of Mistakes

[Unlocked with Watchful 93; associating with Radical Academics 2]
Everyone has heard of the Museum of Mistakes. Hardly anyone has been inside it.

Find a way in

Security at the museum is ridiculously strict. One might be best served by using academic credentials and contacts.

_ Watchful challenge

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