Art Snippets

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At times, it's hard to remember the name of what image goes with what quality, not to mention the wiki code necessary to create them on these pages. These tables are designed to help to create reward information.

Appearance Code
Major Qualities
bearsmall.png Dangerous increase [[image /art/bearsmall.png]] [[[Dangerous]]] increase
foxsmall.png Persuasive increase [[image /art/foxsmall.png]] [[[Persuasive]]] increase
catsmall.png Shadowy increase [[image /art/catsmall.png]] [[[Shadowy]]] increase
owlsmall.png Watchful increase [[image /art/owlsmall.png]] [[[Dangerous]]] increase
Contacts (Connected)
bohogirl1small.png Connected: Bohemian increase [[image /art/bohogirl1small.png]] **Connected: Bohemian** increase

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