An Editor of Newspapers

The Start of the Day's Business

Another dank morning in the city. The early risers at Caligula's Coffee Shop sip their drinks and rustle their newspapers.

Setting up on your own

A Finger-Wagging Parliamentarian decries the shocking state of London's newspapers. 'Gossip and calumny! Flim-flam and nonsense! Who will give us the Truth? Who will tell us what we need to know?' Who indeed? A person of your high standing, perhaps?
[This will allow you to start your own newspaper.]

Later, in Spite…


Head to Doubt Street

Doubt Street lurks around the back alleys of Spite like a whispering vizier. The way is curiously difficult to remember.

'Hand 'em over, guv…'

Of Spite's numberless urchins, only a relatively respected few know the way to Doubt Street. They require payment in handkerchiefs. What the grubby creatures to with their payment is best not talked about.
Unlocked with 200 x Silk Scrap

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