An Agent Of The Cheesemonger
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You have followed the trail of the Cheesemonger to her doorstep and convinced her that you can be a useful agent in The Great Game. Opportunity Cards will appear from time to time, assignments from the Cheesemonger. Succeeding at these will make you more useful to her and lead to other opportunities around Fallen London.

Levels in the an Agent of the Cheesemonger Story Quality are not currently named. Completing the entire storyline awards the a fine piece in the Game Accomplishment Quality.

Assignments from the Cheesemonger

Now that you are an Agent of the Cheesemonger, these bronze-bordered Opportunity Cards will start to appear.


A job from the Cheesemonger [Standard]

'A Worn-out Diplomat is considering retirement from the Game to the tomb-colonies…'
Unlocked with An Agent of the Cheesemonger 1, Dangerous 40

Betrayal and bandages

The tomb-colonists are not well-liked. Even a Worn-out Diplomat among their number would benefit them. You could tip them off about likely trouble for their new recruit. Of course, your employer will not be pleased.
bandagedmansmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: The Tomb-Colonies 1]

A forthright approach

Permanent murder is out, and a sound beating is of no use when keeping someone out of the tomb-colonies. Keep things simple and threaten to cut his arms off.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

A task from the Cheesemonger

'Two of the urchin gangs - the Regiment and the Knotted Sock - have ambitions that outpace their prudence. You are to see that they are occupied in pastimes other than the Game.'
[Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 1, Persuasive 40]

Tip off the Urchins

These are children. Grubby and larcenous children, but even so… They don't deserve this.
urchinsmall.png Unlocked with Connected: Urchins 1

Start the gang war

The best way to occupy their time is to set them fighting each other. A word here, a few hints there and the children should be brawling in the streets.

_ Persuasive challenge

An assignment from the Cheesemonger [Standard]

'A dealer in horses may be in the pay of one of the European powers. He is tight-lipped and careful, but we may be able to make use of his devout nature. He regularly attends confession…'
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 1, Shadowy 40

Tip off the Priest

Eavesdrop on the confessional? There are some things to which one does not stoop.

Eavesdrop at the church

In the Great Game, little is sacred.

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge  


A commission from the Cheesemonger

'A vital message has been intercepted…
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 1, Watchful 40
[This card appears with Standard frequency]

Talk to the Rubbery Men

They do not deserve the attention of the Game's players. The least you can do is warn them.
rubberymansmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: Rubbery Men 1

Look into the matter

Bring your investigative talents to bear and find out what happened.

_ Watchful challenge


A Mission from the Cheesemonger [Standard]

'A shipment is coming in tonight…'
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 4, Dangerous 40

Resign from the Cheesemonger's service

The work of the mercenary in the Great Game is no longer to your taste. Enough.

Tip off the ship's captain

It could improve your reputation down at the docks.
shipsmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: The Docks 1]

Take the shipment

The shipment is too well-guarded for burglary. Fisticuffs are called for.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  


An Undertaking from the Cheesemonger [Standard]

'A Venal Anarchist must be distracted on a certain evening, so another of my agents can search her lodgings…'
Unlocked with an agent of the Cheesemonger 4, Persuasive 40

Resign from the Cheesemonger's service

The work of the mercenary in the Great Game is no longer to your taste. Enough.

Tip off the anarchists

Your comrades must be warned!
flamessmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: Revolutionaries 1]

Seduce the Venal Anarchist

You do a pretty fair line in dapper yourself.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge  

Pay to have her seduced

Dark-eyed and dapper, eh? You know where to buy some of that for an evening.
idolsmall.png [Unlocked with 8 x Relic of the Third City]


An errand for the Cheesemonger

'Some novelist has penned another of those biting political satires. It's the fourth one this month. Go and steal the wretched thing.'
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 4, Shadowy 40

Resign from the Cheesemonger's service

The work of the mercenary in the Great Game is no longer to your taste. Enough.

Art is eternal!

Such censorship is beneath you. Or perhaps you seek to favour with the Bohemians. Either way, you must warn them.

Steal the manuscript

Security measures at the offices of publishers vary from 'nothing' to 'lethal'. This could be easy, or not.


A deed for the Cheesemonger

'A New Under-Secretary of the government may have fallen under the influence of certain powers. You are to determine the truth in this matter.'
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 4, Watchful 40

Resign from the Cheesemonger's service

The work of the mercenary in the Great Game is no longer to your taste. Enough.

Tip off the official

A New Under-Secretary might be a useful ally in the rarefied heights of society. Such an individual shouldn't be troubled with trifles of intrigue.

Private investigations

Turn your attention to the business of the New Under-Secretary

Deeper into the Game

At some point, as your reliability as an Agent of the Cheesemonger increases, new, gold-bordered Opportunity Cards will appear and your assignments will take an interesting turn.

Some storylets may also appear in Spite or The Shuttered Palace at this point.


What's that smell?

The urchin is particularly filthy. He reeks of sweat, smoke and curds. However, he claims to have a message for you.
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 6

A clip around the ear and off with him!

You have no time for small boys who smell like a singularly unsanitary dairy. Be off!

Listen to him

Sometimes the good word comes in a malodorous package.


More work from the Cheesemonger

A message is delivered to you by a courier you know to be discreet, fast and expensive…
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 10

Open it up

Let's see what the Cheesemonger wants today…


The valet

The Cheesemonger has asked you to bring one of the Ambassador's valets to her. Or kill him if he won't come. You find the valet polishing the Ambassador's cutlery in preparation for some party or another.
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 11

Kill him if he won't come.

You are loyal to the Cheesemonger, in your way.

Abandon the task, and your employer,

You won't bloody your hands any further. This is the end for you and for the Cheesemonger.


Look into the Cheesemonger's past

How do you intend to find out more about the Cheesemonger?
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 13

Contacts in the Game

Quite a few people in the Game owe you favours. It is time to call some in.
Unlocked with Connected: The Great Game 15

Money, as ever, has the most eloquent voice

Perhaps the spies clustered around the carnival could be persuaded to accept a few pearls.
Unlocked with Moon-pearl 600

Do the work yourself

You're a spy, aren't you? Do some spying. This could be risky if she finds out, though. Just how good are you? You don't want to get this one wrong.
(Watchful challenge)


Just passing the shop

An afternoon stroll in the serene dankness of Fallen London. And here is the Cheesemonger's shop. Perhaps you should pop in.
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 14

Concerned purely with business

Is there any work? Is the game proceeding merrily?

In for a chat

Perhaps you can learn something more about her.

A more intimate approach

Hardly a handsome woman, but she has an intensity you admire. She seems lonely. Perhaps you can provide some comfort in these wicked times.


A note from the Cheesemonger

An envelope lands on your doormat. Is that the bitter tang of rennet?
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 15

Open the letter

The Cheesemonger is getting bolder, to contact you at your lodgings.


After the cipher

A dusty wind prowls the ruins…
Unlocked with an agent of the Cheesemonger 16
A thousand places to hide. Where to start?

The thief's way

Knowledge of the secret places. Haunting the shadows. Silence. Speed.
(Shadowy challenge, straightforward < 87)

The detective's way

Observation of tracks in the thick dust. Questioning such locals as there are. Deduction. Wisdom.
(Watchful challenge, straightforward < 89)


The spy and the cypher

A wild-eyed villain whirls as you enter…
Unlocked with an agent of the Cheesemonger 17
'Of course it's you! You are the only one she'll spare! I've seen her letters!' He trails off into incoherence.

Abandon the whole business

You can't get any more sense out of the fellow, but this is the end. You will tender your resignation from the Cheesemonger's employment.

Take the cypher by force

You are in no mood for nonsense.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward < 87)

Reason with the man

Try to get some sort of sense out of him, along with the cypher.
(Persuasive challenge, straightforward < 85)


An… invitation?

Much as you expect, an envelope greets your return to your lodgings…
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 18

Open the note

Perhaps there is a banker's draft inside?


Tea with the Cheesemonger

The Cheesemonger's house - if indeed it is hers - is an elegant three-story building of Portland stone…
Unlocked with an agent of the Cheesemonger 19
The curtains are drawn, but gas-light glows within.

Go in for tea

What could be more civilised than tea with a woman who has ordered the murder of scores? Should one address her as Alice? Or Mrs Cheesemonger?


More tea with the Cheesemonger

It is very quiet outside. Alice - the Cheesemonger - watches you carefully over her teacup. Somewhere in a distant part of the house, her daughter Catherine is singing: something cheery with the refrain 'Oh a man needs a wife and a maid needs a knife -'
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 20

More tea?

Singing? Alice must have instructed her to do that, to be sure she wouldn't eavesdrop. How interesting.


The Cheesemonger's plan

You sit deep in thought by the slow embers of a dying fire. Alice - the Cheesemonger - wants you to help her destroy several Great Game networks by permanently murdering a great many spies. What to do?
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 21

Enact Alice's plan.

Can the Great Game be tilted on its axis? Can you live with hands that red? Will you survive? You can only hope.

Replace Alice with her daughter.

The Great Game needs to be played. Alice cannot change that. Catherine seems competent. She will make a fine Cheesemonger in her own right.

Betray Alice.

You don't owe Alice anything, and if you do? That's her problem. You could do very well by betraying such a secret to the right people. Very well indeed.

Walk away.

You want no part of this madness. Of course, Alice knows where you live and now you know too much. You will have to fake your own death. Well, sort of fake. You'll need to look permanently dead. You'll need an assassin who knows exactly how deep to cut, and they don't come cheap.
Unlocked with Rostygold 500
WARNING: doing this will kill you stone dead.

Option 5: End it all.

Enough. Enough. The Cheesemonger's career ends here. Dynamite is expensive, but you know where she lives. You can get her daughter too. The whole business will end.
Unlocked with Rostygold 500


Murder the controller of the French network

'Your list of spies begins with the woman who sunk Alice's husband into the deepest part of the Unterzee.'
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 22

A careful sort

The woman is cautious, always attended by a trio of American gunslingers. Getting to her is going to be challenging. Your Cantigaster venom won't stay potent long. Best be quick.
(Shadowy challenge)


Murder the controller of the Russian network

The second target is the leader of the network that left Alice's sister seduced, disgraced and entombed.
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 23

Catching a mystery

This spy is a mystery. Nobody knows its name or even gender. All you have is the nickname 'The Jeweller'. Your Cantigaster venom probably won't even last until morning. Best go and find him. Or her. Or it.
(Watchful challenge, straightforward at 65)


Clean up the rest of the spies

You have a list of spies, a knife and a deadly poison. Not just that kind of deadly. The thorough kind of deadly. Cantigaster venom. You wrap the bottle three times in rags.
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 24

Get to it

It's a long list. You may be doing this for some time
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 65)


Betray the Cheesemonger

You have resolved to betray Alice, the Cheesemonger. Many would be willing to pay for news of her plans. But who pays the best?
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 25

Betray her to the Masters of the Bazaar

Who pays as well as those cloaked captains of industry? Perhaps you know a Constable who can make the arrangements.
Unlocked with Connected: The Constables 1

Betray her to other spies

The networks that the Cheesemonger seeks to destroy will be very interested in her plans. It's all business.
Unlocked with Connected: The Great Game 1

Betray her to anarchists

It is only right that the Cause should benefits from the secrets of the so-called Great Powers.
Unlocked with Connected: Revolutionaries 1

Betray her to whoever pays best

You could go through a shadowy information broker of your acquaintance.
Unlocked with Connected: Criminals 1

Betray her to the Brass Embassy

Murder, intrigue and betrayal upon betrayal. The devils will be at this like rats on spore-toffee.
Unlocked with Connected: Hell 1


The fate of a Cheesemonger - Catherine

You have decided that Alice will be replaced. Her daughter Catherine will be the new Cheesemonger. Now, how to go about this?
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 26

A little personal instruction

Catherine is quite a beauty. Surely the best place for persuading her to join the Game is a private chamber. You wouldn't want to be interrupted.
(Persuasive challenge, straightforward < 84)

Show her the game

Show her your secrets. Show her how the fate of a nation can depend on a map and a code. Draw her deeper into the Game.

Share your secrets with her

Take her to Tyrant's Garden, the carnival, Clathermont's and the other haunts of spies. Drink coffee and speak of danger and intrigue.


The fate of a Cheesemonger - Alice

You have decided that Alice will be replaced by her daughter Catherine as the Cheesemonger. Now, how to go about this?
Unlocked with an Agent of the Cheesemonger 27

Bundle Alice off to the tomb-colonies

If you have the contacts, Alice could be on a ship tonight. You are sure Catherine will take up the reins with little protest.
Unlocked with Connected: Tomb-Colonies 5

Kill Alice…permanently

Catherine will hardly appreciate it, but Alice is too dangerous to be allowed to live.

The bosom of the church

Perhaps you know of a priest who could take care of Alice for a while. You think she might make a fine nun.



Cheesemonger no more

You catch the sharp tang of rennet as you pass a cheese shop. Alice is no longer the Cheesemonger, largely thanks to you. Are you troubled by what happened?
Unlocked with a Fine Piece in the Game 1

It's all in the game

What happened was part of the Great Game. Nothing more. It's all in the Game.

You regret what happened

Could you have done more? Was there a better outcome that you didn't see?

You did the right thing

It's all for the best. It was a difficult time, but you did right by Alice and the Game.

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