Amanita Sherry

Amanita Sherry
You might drink this if you were a devil. Or if you hadn't learned to read labels.
Create this by using Soul in your inventory.
sells for 10 pence

Stored in inventory under Infernal, when clicked on these actions are available:

Trade your Amanita Sherry

Best get the toxic stuff out of the house before you're tempted to try a snifter.


Get a price in Brilliant Souls

The Infernal Sommelier is reluctant to trade souls away, but he's running low on sherry. [This will always gain you Brilliant Souls. It may have other effects.]
Unlocked with 50 x Amanita Sherry, Connected: Hell 2


Poison a gathering of spirifers

How delicious that this infernal liquor that will be their end. But are you dispensing righteous justice, or eliminating the competition? [This will always gain you many Brilliant Souls.]
Unlocked with 500 x Amanita Sherry

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