These items can only be obtained after completing the story A Person of Some Little Consequence and becoming a A Person Of Some Importance. This requires a trait with a value of at least 100 in Dangerous, Watchful, Persuasive, or Shadowy.

These items are not purchased from the Bazaar, but are rather gained from stories which become available via opportunity cards.

bluestockingsmall.png God's Editors
Working on making the good word better. librarysmall.png 12 x Collated Research 50 Memory of Distant Shores gets 10
  • Connected: The Church: 20
pirategreensmall.png Gang of Hoodlums
The enforcers, informers, thieves and general scum who work for an unseen underworld figure. Who happens to be you. red_goldsmall.png 10000 x Rostygold
attackersmall.png 8 x Use of Villains 30 x A Journal of Infamy, 100 x Appalling Secret each
newspapersmall.png Newspaper
Your very own organ of the press. Of course, you will bear this responsibility with grace and integrity.

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