Aeolian Scream

Aeolian Scream
A curse from the lips of a forgotten god. Music like cold-forged iron spearheads. The Bazaar will pay handsomely!
Sells for 2 Echos 50 Pence

Stored in inventory under Wild Words, when clicked on these actions are available:


Use your Aeolian Screams

Will the screams stop? Will they bring the storm?

Take your Aeolian Screams somewhere high

Lofty snow-capped mountains would work best. You'll have to make do with the highest towers of the Flit. The urchins know the best spots. [This will always gain you Storm-Threnodies. There may be other effects.]
(Unlocked with 25 x Aeolian Scream. Connected: Urchins 6. Route: The Flit 1.)

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