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Oh, yes, I know you…

An Acquaintance is an individual who has unique skills that may come in handy. Cultivating acquaintances is often wise. Once acquired, additional storylets and options can appear in various places around Fallen London and elsewhere, especially as your relationship improves. Improvement in your Acquaintance is reflected in an associated Acquaintance Quality.

Some of the Acquaintances have more game interactions than others and are called "Major" on this page. The other Acquaintances, "Minor" ones, are detailed farther below. (Some of these Minor Acquaintances are reflected in a Story Quality, instead of an Acquaintance Quality, but are listed here for completeness.)

Major Acquaintances

These four Acquaintances affect a number of different storylets and many have Opportunity Cards describing encounters to them.

These acquaintances, once obtained, could be visited in certain locations in Fallen London. (For example, a storylet in Veilgarden would appear that would allow you to visit the Repentant Forger.) In 2013, visting an acquaintance could be done through a special Opportunity Card, described below.


Acquaintance: a Repentant Forger
You've befriended a forger of paintings who now regrets his actions.

The Repentant Forger acquaintance can be acquired in New Newgate Prison. The Repentant Forger can be useful in effecting certain shady activities.


Acquaintance: Regretful Soldier
You've made a friend of an old warhorse who's done regrettable things.

The Regretful Soldier acquaintance can be acquired through the an option on the "Deal with a drunk old soldier" opportunity card. There are only a few chances (as of this writing) to encounter the Regretful Soldier.


Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer
Someone in Spite that you know of old.

The Sardonic Music-Hall Singer acquaintance can be acquired in Ladybones Road in an optional ending for the Absconding Devil storylet or during the Bag a Legend ambition. Interactions with the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer also happens through these Opportunity Cards.


Acquaintance: Wry Functionary
A friend in a fairly high place.

The Wry Functionary acquaintance can be acquired by a rare success of the "Correspond with a contact at the Shuttered Palace" storylet in Veilgarden. Interactions with the Wry Functionary may occur when you are involved with the civil service or other functionaries at The Shuttered Palace.

Visiting Major Acquaintances


A visit

One of your acquaintances is receiving visitors. Who will you call on?

Visit the Regretful Soldier

The Soldier lives in Watchmaker's Hill. He's probably sober today.
0 actions

Visit the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer

She's between shows just now.
0 actions

Visit the Wry Functionary

He can spare you half an hour this morning.
0 actions

The Repentant Forger

He keeps a studio in Veilgarden. He said he wouldn't be working this afternoon.
0 actions

Minor Acquaintances

guisemale.png Acquaintance: The Heptagoat
It is already among us.

This quality (a Story Quality) could be obtained from the Christmas 2013 Advent Calendar. As of this writing, there are no known benefits or storylets associated with this acquaintance.
honeydetective.png Acquaintance: Honey-Addled Detective
An elegant wreck of a man, like a lightning-struck chateau

You track down the Honey-Addled Detective in Ladybones Road. He contracts out his work to up-and-coming investigators but finding him is your first test.
chap3.png Acquaintance: Silas the Showman
He's not reliable. And Good God he has a thirst.

This Acquaintance could be obtained during the Christmas 2013 Twelve Days of Mr. Sacks visits. As of this writing, there are no known benefits or storylets associated with this acquaintance.
chapposh.png Acquaintance: the Starving Poet
A poor sort of revolutionary.

This Acquaintance is obtained by completing the case of the Starving Poet, which the Honey-Addled Detective may give to you.

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