Abominable Salts

Abominable Salts
Allows you to poison another player if they allow you to tend their wounds. Create this by using other Academic items in your inventory.
Also used to raise your Connected: Benthic and your Connected: Summerset, along with an Endowment Of A University Fellowship.
Purchased for 20 pence, Sells for 10 pence

Using Abominable Salts

Currently, the lodgings action that allowed you to poison another player has been removed.

Use your Poison for something other than Murder

Something wholesome and virtuous. Well, something a little bit wholesome and virtuous.


Speak to the Dean of Neocartography

The Neocartography department has politics that make a dockside knife-fight look elegant. Assemble enough poison and the aristocratic Dean will be happy to share his secrets.
[This will always gain you Memories of Distant Shores. There may be other effects.]
Unlocked with 50 x Abominable Salts, Connected: Society 2
A matter of luck: pretty good odds.


Sell your poison to zailors bound for the Elder Continent

An enterprising zee-captain is in the market for a great deal of venom. [This will always gain you many Memories of Distant Shores.]
Unlocked with 500 x Abominable Salts

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