A Zailor In The Making
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This story plays out through Opportunity Cards received while in Wolfstack Docks. This is one way to learn of the secrets of the Unterzee.


Zailing [Standard]

There may come a time when even London is too small for your ambitions…
Unlocked with Dangerous 69

Sign on to a glim-steamer

A life on the low seas is for you. Well, a few weeks on the low seas at least.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  


A trip around the Southern Archipelago

Hands are signing on for a trip around the notoriously dangerous waters of the Southern Archipelago.
Unlocks: Dangerous 81
(Dangerous challenge)

Sign on for the voyage

Drudgewick, Shrub, Mutton Island. Once part of the surface city: now these specks in the Unterzee make zailors curse and cross themselves.


Gather round me bully boys…

Zailors are exchanging tales of far lands in the taproom of the Blind Helmsman.
Unlocks: Dangerous 93
(Dangerous challenge) high risk at 106

Pull up a stool and a tankard

The zailors don't like talking about the lands across the Unterzee in front of strangers. But surely you've earned your place among them?

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