A Friendship With A Bohemian Sculptress
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A Friendship With A Bohemian Sculptress

The following actions are in Veilgarden.


A Tipple with the Bohemian Sculptress

The Bohemian Sculptress lives near you. You've seen marble and black coral being delivered to her house. And now you bump into her at the Singing Mandrake.

It would be cruel not to

'Dear heart! There you are! I hear you're becoming quite the underground sensation in poetry. Underground…! Never mind. So, are you going to give us a recital, then?'
Unlocked with Persuasive 3


Wine and Cake with the Bohemian Sculptress

'My latest sculpture just won't… soar. Take the dratted thing away, would you? But first, tell me which of the trends in poetry Below do you favour?'
(unlocked with A Friendship with a Bohemian Sculptress 1)

The Nocturnals

The most modern and radical of the schools. Those who revel in the subterranean gloom of the Neath and its ways. Free thinkers and revolutionaries
Unlocked with Persuasive 8

The Bazaarines

Money and secrets. The poetry of the Bazaar and its Masters, but also the hidden things that drive men to madness. A strong brew of the venal and the visionary.
Unlocked with Persuasive 8

The Celestials

Nostalgia for the Surface and the green lands above. And most particularly for the sky and the heavens. Strong support among conservative sorts and the religious.
Unlocked with Persuasive 8


The Bohemian Sculptress has a Business Proposal

'Dear heart, I've found some work for you. A patron for your poetry. Well, a series of patrons, actually…'

Playing Cyrano

'You see, I know all sorts of lovestruck types. Poor creatures. And not one of them can pen a line of half-decent love poetry for their intendeds. Can you step in? The pay is decent - these people are desperate.'
Unlocked with Persuasive 13


The Bohemian Sculptress Spots a Noted Editor of Newspapers

'Look, dear heart! That's Mr Huffam, over there, arguing with a tradesman. Go and make an impression!'

An impromptu recital

What person of character doesn't enjoy poetry? He'll enjoy yours, whether he likes it or not.
Unlocked with Persuasive 18


The Bohemian Sculptress has a Moderately Improper Suggestion

'Dear heart, I was at the carnival, and the proprietor - Mrs Plenty - asked me if I knew any poets. She needs one for a special evening she's organising. A rather bawdy and scandalous event, it seems.'
(unlocked with A Friendship with a Bohemian Sculptress 4)

Not that sort of poet

Your art is not to be sullied for the entertainment of the depraved. You must refuse her.
Unlocked with Persuasive 23

Attend and perform

'Shall I tell her you'll be over at midnight? Don't worry about what you wear.'
Unlocked with Persuasive 23


The Bohemian Sculptress has a Question

'Well, dear heart, you're making quite the name for yourself as a poet. But do tell me, why? Why did you take up the poet's pen?
(unlocked with A Friendship with a Bohemian Sculptress 5)

For the art

The poetry itself is the important thing. Whether Nocturnal, Bazaarine, Celestial or something entirely new.

For the money

Few can make a decent living as a poet. But for you, it's a means to wealth and privilege.

For the fame

They'll still be discussing your work when you are dust.

For a life of bohemian scandal and indulgence

Certain sorts of poets do get invited to the most interesting of events.

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