A small, velvet lined box

You can't see anything. You have just enough space to twist onto your belly or your back. Oh dear God. Oh dear God.
You will find yourself if you've been attracting too much attention. Poor Edward has caught you. (Part of the Light Fingers ambition)

Opportunity Cards


Just lie here

It's peaceful, at least.

A room of one's own

Lying in this darkness is like breathing water. You wonder how many people in history have been in your position. You wonder what they did.


The Burial of the Dead

This all seems rather… familiar, somehow.

What's that tiny fluttering?

Stay still. See if it stops.
Unlocks: having Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead 5


Perhaps if you change your shape you can escape.
Unlocks: having Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead 15


A Stray Tendril

Unlocks: Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant 5
There's something poking at your shoulder. It feels like a root.

Tug the root

Can you reach it?



Buried Alive

Dark in here. As dark as it gets.


Is it true what they say, that you can hear the worms?


Can anyone hear you?

Scrabble at the lid

Let me out! Let me out! Let me out!

Head-butt the lid

Death is your only escape.

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