A Nocturnal Visitor To The Palace Cellars
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There's something locked up securely in the basement of the Shuttered Palace. Do you dare find out what it is?

This story comprises a series of Opportunity Cards that are Shadowy challenges that give you more clues what is locked up in the basement of the palace. However, the last, so far, in this story is a Watchful challenge.


The wine cellars of the Palace

The cellars under the Shuttered Palace are constantly guarded and protected by five doors with five locks. There must be something interesting down there.
Unlocked with Shadowy 69

Go for a look

Whatever is down there, there is at least a passing chance that it combines the virtues of value and portability.
Unlocked with Route: The Shuttered Palace 1
(Shadowy challenge)


Return to the Palace cellars

The cellars below the Palace warrant your larcenous attentions once more.
[Unlocked with Shadowy 81, a nocturnal visitor to the Palace Cellars 1]

Into the depths

You never did see what was behind the fifth lock. Once more, you slip in behind the senior butler as he unlocks the first four, one by one, with care, solemnity…and nervousness? Are the keys shaking in his hand?

_ Shadowy challenge


The cellars and the mirror

You have been asked for a mirror by one of those someones that may well qualify as somethings: whatever it is, it lairs behind a locked door in the depths of the Shuttered Palace cellars.
Unlocks with Shadowy 93, a nocturnal visitor to the Palace cellars 2

Have nothing more to do with this

You could take a mirror down into the unmapped depths of the Empress' palace, to deliver a mirror to something locked behind a door more impressive than in most banks. Yes, you could do that. Or not.

Oblige whatever it was

You think it was a 'him'. It was dark, but one might guess he didn't want a mirror out of vanity.
(Shadowy challenge)


Back to the Palace cellars [Standard]

Remember the last time you ventured down there, where five locks and five doors guard…
[This is an ordinary opportunity card, not bronze bordered.]
Unlocked with Watchful 105, A Nocturnal Visitor to the Palace Cellars 3

Return with a gift

On previous visits, you've noticed that someone down here has a taste for honey.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge  
honeysmall.png [Unlocked with 100 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey]

Return with a mirror

Last time you brought a mirror down here, at least something happened. Maybe you can make it happen again.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge  
demetergreensmall.png [Unlocked with 250 x Foxfire Candle Stub]

Return with a locksmith

A really expert locksmith.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge  
demetergreensmall.png [Unlocked with 200 x Foxfire Candle Stub]
ratsmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Working Rat]

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