A Finder Of Heiresses

A Finder of Heiresses

Storylets for the a Finder of Heiresses Story are all found in Ladybones Road.

This story cannot be completed more than one time.

The a Finder of Heiresses Story Quality is earned through a series of storylets in Ladybones Road. Various clues in storylets about the wayward daughter, a Comtessa, of a wealthy nobleman will eventually lead to learning of her disappearance and her ultimate fate.

You will need to become a visitor to the Clay Quarters, gaining that Story Quality, through one of these storylets, before reaching the final storylet and learning the fate of the Comtessa. When you learn her fate, you are given the a Finder of Heiresses Story Quality. (Which is similar to other Accomplishment Qualities.) All storylets relating to this story also become unavailable.

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