A Diplomat in the Making

The story begins with the appearance of this gold-bordered opportunity card:


The Servant of a Certain Gentleman

The gentleman knocking at your door with a black cane is a servant: but his understated velvet suit cost more than a peerage. The Veteran Privy Counsellor would like to meet you, at the Parthenaeum.
Unlocked with Persuasive 115, a Person of Some Importance 1, banished from the Court 1

Head in as a guest

'Wipe your feet, please, Sir. And do try not to distub any of the gentleman.'

Nod to the doorman as you enter

'His Grace awaits you in the Turkish Room. Shall I have your usual brandy sent up?'
Unlocked with The Parthenaeum 1

The story continues at Wimot's End with this storylet:


Enter the Foreign Office

Here, somewhere amid the onion-domed minarets and great copper pagodas…

Which statue?

Stony faces without number, motionless in the fog. An exchange of secrets with a sly gardener.
Unlocked with A Diplomat in the Making 1, Cryptic Clue 100

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