Things to do in Spite...

If you are a Courier for the Dead

61-70 catsmall.png showgirlsmall.png

You can become a Courier for the Dead through an Opportunity Card obtained when you find yourself on a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river. These storylets unlock when you obtain that Story Quality. Alternately, you can use courier for the dead to cheat in a duel.


Deliver a message to the Gracious Widow in Spite

When you were temporarily…well let's not mince words. When you were dying, you were charged with delivering a message to the Gracious Widow in Spite.
bohogirl5small.png [Unlocked with a Courier for the Dead 1]

Arrange a meeting with the Gracious Widow through your contacts with her people

The Widow is a figure of some importance among the shadier of London's Oriental inhabitants. If you have contacts there, you can make use of them.
bohogirl5small.png [Unlocked with Connected: the-widow 10]

Trade favours to arrange a meeting with the Gracious Widow

The Widow's people keep to themselves. But they do have dealings with the other criminals of the city. You can trade in some favours to have a mutual friend arrange a meeting.
manaclessmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: Criminals 10]

Abandon your promise

Horrid stories are told of the vengeance of the dead. But they're, well, dead. How much harm can they do?


Meet the Gracious Widow in Spite

Unlocks: Courier of the Dead 2
You have arranged to deliver the dying spirit's message to the Gracious Widow. Let's hope she likes the message.

Abandon your commission

Something about this unnerves you. Perhaps it's the commerce with the dead. Perhaps it's the Widow's occasional reputation for dipping living men in hot tallow. In any case, you are prepared to risk the vengeance of the ghost you betrayed.

Deliver the message

The room where you meet the Widow is utterly black. You hear a chair creak as she settles herself. You explain the situation. There is a long pause. 'Whisper the words to me,' she says.
(A matter of luck: it could go either way.)

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